Tumescence and Tentpole Torque

3 am I wake
Find you atop me
I savor
The soft purr
Of you
The gentle scratch
Of nail on flesh
Tiny pleasure pain
I hold
I hold
I hold
Until I can wait
No more
Lift you
Lovingly aside
And rise

You follow watching
My grimaced
Muscle pressure

Your tail
Lashes S and Z
In empty air
Green eyes fixed
I search absently
For  a synonym
For piss hard
And ponder how
Like the useless
This serves no function.

No.  No.
It reminds
Other uses
Other times.

Old Jules

Copyright 2011 NineLives Press

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8 responses to “Tumescence and Tentpole Torque

  1. pissin with the cats….early mornin outdoor moment.

    poetry appreciated..thx

  2. Great, love cat eyes :) Zahir…..

  3. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    What a stunning photo :)

  4. Other uses, other times… yep, that’s damn good Jules ;)

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