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A salt with a deadly weapon

Old Jules:

I’m always in the market for positive reinforcements to what I’ve decided already to take as Gospel for the time being. J

Originally posted on half-priced hippie:


I hadn’t meant to make most of my posts about food, but the clean living fat man inside me cannot be silenced. I pinky promise all my posts won’t be like this. I forget why I was looking into salt in general (random, I know, but I love to learn as much as I can about whatever is in my world) and as soon as I started my research, I immediately regretted it. Same deal as lemons – what in the hell can be in there aside from salt?!

Let’s have a look-see at the back of my salt container:


Salt – Seems legit.

Potassium iodide – Overloads the thyroid to help block the absorption of radioactive iodine. Bonus!

Dextrose – Sugar… IN SALT!!!!! ….why??

Sodium bicarbonate – Baking soda. Sounds harmless, depending on what’s actually in it. Some brands don’t sell you pure baking soda (shock!)…

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A Raven at Breitenbush Hot Springs

Old Jules:

Even though Jeanne’s back working 70-80 hours a week she’s savoring the patch of time she had off this summer. Jack

Originally posted on Jeanne Kasten Studio:

One morning at Breitenbush, while I was sitting on a bench reading Girl in Reverse by Barbara Stuber and waiting for the lunch gong, this raven came walking up the sidewalk, much to everyone’s amusement.

He was not at all shy, and I decided to grab my camera.

In another minute he had flapped up to my bench, and started trying to eat my book!

I never expected to get this close to a fearsome looking bird.


IMG_3113What, it’s not edible?

A day or so later, I saw him again in a tree right by the kitchen. I think he was waiting for the lunch gong, too. IMG_3164
By the way, Girl in Reverse is an excellent Young Adult book. I enjoyed every bit of it.  It takes place in Kansas City in 1951 and features one of my favorite places, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I don’t write book…

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Hell of a fine no sodium added breakfast. Less than 8.5 mg sodium

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.  I just topped off my smile with a deeeeelux double-extra-heaven breakfast I threw together.

First off I built a fat tortilla using half-cup of masa and a quarter-cup+one tablespoon water wadded into a ball, flattened thick, and place onto a frying pan.  Hot frying pan.  Really hot frying pan.  Then flipped it and browned the other side.

Okay, now that goes onto a plate and the frying pan gets a smack of no sodium butter melting into which goes an onion ice-cube, a tomato ice-cube, and a Hatch green chile ice-cube, all sizzling to beat hell.  Two eggs into that, carefully flipped over light at the proper moment.

Then, spang onto that tortilla and you’ve got yourself a breakfast real people would pay good money to have a second serving of in a real eating joint.

And you still have 1991.5 mg sodium left to squander during the rest of the day.

Damn that was good!

Old Jules

More collages from last summer~

Old Jules:

Jeanne is trying to pack 200 years of living into her three-score-and-ten [plus or minus]. Working two jobs is certainly practical [as well as necessary to meet expenses] but stuffing art projects into the cracks between jobs might be seen as somewhat extreme by some. People, for instance, who have no jobs and just do what they want, such as me. Or people who work only 40-50 hours a week at some job. During my stay here I’ve watched her scurrying from the day job to eat before running off to a night job, coming home around 9:30-10:00 pm, and always with a quick answer to the question, “How you feeling?” Tired, she’ll inevitably answer. Anyway, here’s what she squeezed into her days this summer. J

Originally posted on Jeanne Kasten Studio:

Here are a few more postcards I made this last summer. The first one was made from a 78 record cover:June 2, 2014 (6)
I’ve seen other people use old stamps on photos of other people. So I combined stamp faces with an old pattern envelope. I had lots of fun with this one, and now I’m collecting face stamps for future variations!
July 8, 2014 (2)

I combined pieces from two magazines for this one. I’m not sure why Elsie was asking questions about husbands, but that line really was part of the Borden ad.

July 9, 2014 (7) - Copy

Here’s one I’m particularly pleased with. I added a couple of “stamps” that weren’t originally on the packages, as well as the other oddities.

June 7, 2014 (3)

And one more, which started out as an ad for State Farm Insurance. I got to use up some of my sticker collection for this one.

June 7 2014b
It’s hard to find the time to spread out all my…

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Russian One-Upsmanship on Good American Ingenuity

Hi readers.  If you’re like me you’ve been admiring Rokon motorcycles from the 1970s onward, but never got around to purchasing one.  Damn it all.  Made more sense than any trail bike ever manufactured.  Good old American ingenuity.

So what happened?  The Rooskies did Rokon one better.  Built it out of ceramic frame members instead of steel, made it so light Barbie can lift it over her head and trek up a mountain with it.

Tarus 2M (Military Russian Motorcycle)-floats, packs, portable and gets you wherever you need to go

Meanwhile Rokon’s just kept glitzing it up, driving the cost up and not really adding anything essential.  $795 would buy the first Rokon I ever saw for sale.  Today they probably might as well only be sold to the defense industry and celebrities.

Tim Ralston’s Rokon Field Test

Received Aug. 27th- Aug.29th, finishing up!

Old Jules:

So here it is. Lock stock and banana peel.

Originally posted on Library Mail Art 2014:

First, here are the last two entries that arrived this week~ this first one is from Sarah, my project partner here at Lackman. Sarah is from Lenexa, Kansas:

IMG_4601And the second is from my son Andrew, who lives in Olathe, Kansas:
Thank you, Sarah and Andrew, for sending these along! The deadline is now past, (although I will hang anything else that comes in) so here are the photos that show how the exhibit looks!

IMG_4594I borrowed the top section of one of the cards for a header for our sign.

IMG_4593An empty room divider screen mounted on a coffee table  keeps things stabilized.

IMG_4598Smaller items that would not hang surround the screen.

IMG_4600I put together a display of library materials about collage and postcards, and by the end of the first evening, half of them were checked out!

IMG_4591I used the plastic binder on the end of the table…

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A Big Project Comes to Fruition

Old Jules:

So Jeanne’s work on the Library Mail Project spang went up. The work shows and the patrons should get a lot of pleasure from this one. Congratulations Jeanne. Jack

Originally posted on Jeanne Kasten Studio:

Some of you are already familiar with my mail art call for the library display I’m coordinating at the Lackman branch of the Johnson County Library. For those that are not,  I’ve been gathering submissions for several months for this display to promote Library Card Sign-up Month (September). The regular blog for the project, Library Mail Art,  will be updated this weekend, since I will need to feature a couple of pieces that haven’t yet arrived, and I promised photos for the participants.  But I put the display up last night, and here is how it turned out:

IMG_4594I used part of one of the artist cards as a header for the sign.

IMG_4593An empty room divider screen combined with a discarded coffee table worked well for a prop that won’t get knocked over.

IMG_4598We just criss-crossed strings in each section and used clothespins and clips to hang everything…

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