Eavesdropping on Homeland Security

One of the ways I keep up on world events and amuse myself when I’m alone in an eating establishment without a book involves eavesdropping.  I gaze at the food, a picture on the wall, something outdoors through the plate glass, and I listen to conversations at the nearby tables.

It’s curiosity, as much as anything else.  And mostly I lose interest quickly because so often the talk is about some sports event, concert, or a television show.  But sometimes it’s pay dirt.

A while before I left New Mexico I was doing the listening routine to the goings-on among several BDU and otherwise uniform clad people of both sexes, all toting large-bore automatic pistols in holsters hanging from their waists.

Turned out these folks were part of a conference between Federal and State Homeland Security forces (whatever that might be).  I’d never seen that particular uniform combination, nor the patches and medallions, so I listened as closely as I dared without drawing attention to myself.

The eating establishment is on San Felipe Tribal Lands.  Maybe that’s why the conversation drifted in that direction.

Fed:  “Do you have any issues dealing with any of the tribes?”

NM State:  “You wouldn’t believe it.  Everything’s an issue.”

And so on in detail involving a lot of ‘issues’ a person born in 1943 (me), would never have believed could ever be discussed by government employees as though they should be part of any reality here.  The attitude was clearly that the tribes were being irresponsible in reluctance and obstruction of the aims of Homeland Security.

The topic broadened in a while.

NM State:  “I think a lot of people just don’t understand what we’re doing.  They don’t realize how dangerous things are for them.”

Fed:  “That’s a problem all over the country.  I was in Phoenix a few weeks ago .  . ., etc”

That NM Homeland Security lady all dressed up with a gun and nowhere to go was wrong.

I believe most people understand perfectly well what they’re doing and have an inkling of why they’re doing it.  It isn’t a lack of understanding that makes me smile and cheer inside, knowing the tribes, at least, are dragging their feet.

I think people are beginning to ‘realize how dangerous things are for them’, to the extent that dangers actually exist in this hostile reality we’ve chosen for ourselves.   But at least a part of the ‘danger’  people feel involves a new kind of policeman who thinks the US Constitution is obstructionist.

They just don’t know what needs to be done about it.

Tom Russell–Claude Dallas

14 responses to “Eavesdropping on Homeland Security

  1. That last paragraph really nailed it, Jules. Keep preachin’ the new gospel!!

  2. “hostile reality we’ve chosen for ourselves”

    That about sums it up for me Jules. We choose most of this shit and get less for it but more trouble for what we have left of our personal freedoms. And the sheep bleat for more cuz they’re scared.

  3. What we need is home land security against home land security. Down here about every law enforcement officer is either part of or ruled by HLS.

  4. What we have is a not-so-cleverly-disguided police state, though no one is ever going to admit that from higher up. The new recruits are uniformed thugs who don’t lack training, they lack morals, beating on the homeless and arresting anyone who is caught videotaping or making calls in their presence. Home Land Security is the almost identical name Nazi Germany gave for their own forces.

    I bought that image on a t-shirt for a friend. Geronimo and his friends fought the good fight until they could fight no more.

    I’m more afraid of our own country than I am of any supposed outside terrorist threat.

  5. Hi MtnMama: I’m not a preacher nor a crusader. Don’t know the new gospel, I reckons. I’m just an old guy who sees a lot of strangeness going on around him, even though it’s just me and the chickens and cats. Thanks for coming by for the read and commenting on it. Gracias, Jules

    One Fly: Might be you’re right. Or it might just be sheep bleating because that’s what sheep do for a living, as they see it. Good seeing you here. Thanks for stopping in. Gracias, Jules

    Hi tffnguy: Yep, the modern world needs a lot of things it’s not likely to get. Enjoyed your blog entry about the sighting in thing, but your blog server rejected and deleted my comment about how you could easily fix that front sight. Thanks for stopping by. Gracias, Jules

    Hi Teresa Evangeline: Been a while. Good having you visit. No argument from me on anything you’ve said. Gracias, Jules

  6. OJ, bummer about your post not going through. Don’t have a clue what would have caused that??? I’ll have to see what I can figure out about fixing the sights.

  7. Great post, Jules. I’m lifting that picture and will attribute your great place.

  8. tffnguy: Hammering down a short length of tie-wire to the right thickness, getting the width with a micrometer and making some spares to keep in the cleaning rod hole beneath the buttplate with a tube of super glue, and epoxying the sliver to the top of the front sight worked for me. The heating of the barrel is the cause for the need for spares. Just a quick and dirty fix, but it worked for me.

    Hi Cletis: The source for that should have shown up when you run the mouse over the poster. Must have gotten lost in the glogging process. The guy who created it has a site and I’ll try to relocate it for posting here. Apologies. Thanks for coming by.

    Cletis: I got the citing of the source fixed. They’re the ones you’ll need to attribute it to. Gracias,

  9. Have to agree whole heartedly with Teresa Evangelines comments here. I live in Tucson. It’s hot in more ways than one if ya get my drift. Sigh…..

  10. Hi Brenda: Thanks for the visit. I’ve got a feeling it’s hot everywhere, just more obvious some places than others. Gracias, Jules

  11. My favorite poster: original homeland security! Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts. Yotaki

  12. You’ll love this one, Jules:
    They threw me in the mental institution this last July – and the reason? Their only reason?
    Because I bought guns after a guy threatened to kill me and my family. Crazy at it seems, it really happened. They locked me up for about ten days.
    Go figure. I can’t.
    I’m just glad the seer pin on my cheap old Chinese SKS has finally worn out, LOL! If you know what that means (and I think an ol’ hound dawg like you would, >winkin'<). Sound like my kinda man; gotta friend like you lives by the lake . . .
    raising chickens.

    • Hi jeffsong: Thanks for the anecdote. I’ve sometimes wondered if an asylum mightn’t be a middling good life if they’d let me keep the cats and chickens. Anyway, good having you here. I tips my hat to you and your seer pin. Gracias, Jules

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