Insult to Injury – Stealing Blogs for Re-sale to Students

I just received notification that the survival book posted here, Desert Emergency Survival Basics, is being offered up for sale to students to help them cheat on term papers, research papers and Professional Essays:

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There’s an irony here.  The book was accepted for publication by the mass market publisher for books of that ilk in 2006, but we couldn’t arrive at an agreement on various contract details, mainly the advance and royalty issues assuring I’d get paid something for my work.

These folks have cut out the middle man, but only after it’s being offered free here, though I hadn’t considered the possibility students might use it to slither around course requirements.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Old Jules

12 responses to “Insult to Injury – Stealing Blogs for Re-sale to Students

  1. The eight wordly winds are gain and loss, pleasure and pain, fame and disrepute. This is the modes operande of the human mind – split between light and dark. Concepts of “getting something for nothing, cheating, stealing, and unethical behavior loom large in the present day society.

  2. That. Sucks.
    If you can find where they are selling, and you don’t have an ethical problem with helping students cheat, you can always sell the Updated Edition and undercut them.

  3. Jules, good karma often takes the rocky road but it is the only way to go.

  4. I’ve had to deal with about the same thing for years. (Starting on 14 years) I’ve written and documented How TOs on my site and had other people take the full content including pictures and put it on their sites as if they were the ones that did the articles. Since I put copyright notices on all of my pages generally a cease and desist is enough to get their attention and put a stop to it, but not always. Some people have taken some of my member’s writings (How TOs) and sold them on ebay. One guy got a massive amount of info from my site and started his own web site with it and then started charging admission to it. I don’t charge admission to my site, but like I said I post copyright notices on it, but that doesn’t seem to stop some of the unscrupulous snakes out there. There are a BUNCH on the internet.

  5. I’m confused…how does a book on desert survival help students cheat? Are they using the content in their own term papers?

    That does suck.

  6. Methinks there is a missing link… or a few of them… dumb as mud is what springs to mind when there is so much available for free online… if one wants to use/abuse it in less than honourable ways… makes me wonder who is “selling” what to “whom”… no reflection on your work at all, Jules, love your intelligent pages… and the last line of this post, LOL 🙂

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