Me, Being a People Person, And All

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

A nice little norther blew in here the past couple of days, cooled things down something awful.  I slept in the RV, and by ones and twos the cats volunteered to join me inside for a bit of quality time, sleeping on my chest, purring and kneading claws pleasantly.  They tell me, with reservations, they think they’re going to be able to hunker down and live in there.

Came just in a nick of time, too, because what?  Three daybreaks ago?  I noticed something coming out of the now-open chicken house just after dawn.  Double-take revealed it to be a bobcat, small for a bobcat, but large enough to make a meal out of any of these wannabe toughies.  Last night the cats and I played fruit-basket-turn-over, two inside alternating with two nearby waiting their turn to come up next time I got up to pee.

Got my ‘Work for RVers and Campers Newsletter by email this morning:

Work for RVers and Campers: Employment, Volunteer Positions, Jobs, and Business

Nowhere near as many listings in there for west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona as there were last issue, which had a couple I found exciting.  This issue only has a couple in Texas, neither far enough west to suit me, and one in Arizona up in the neighborhood of Sedona.  They want someone in an RV park up there to do various things in exchange for a place to park. 

But me going to Sedona would be carrying coals to Newcastle, I reckons.  Besides, they wanted applicants to send a photo of themselves, along with a resume.  With winter coming on I reckons I’d have to figure out which winter pic of me to send:

I’d naturally want to throw out the best possible impression of myself I could.

And  they want the resume to demonstrate how I’m a people person, which of course, I am.   Ain’t hardly any more people people out there than I am, taken from certain perspectives.  But I’m not sure how I’d go about conveying it to them.

Been a long time since I wrote a resume, though I used to count myself a fair hand at doing it.  If I was the one doing the hiring out there, I’d jump at me.

Old Jules

23 responses to “Me, Being a People Person, And All

  1. Belly laughs, first thing in the morning. Thank you much. I started laughing when I saw your title pop up in my email. I hope the right people, with “certain perspectives,” turn up. Perhaps the Coincidence Coordinators will be of assistance.

    Fruit-Basket-Turn-over. Buddy’s favorite game is Throw-the-Ball-Down-the Hall. Good pals, our furry friends are.

  2. LOL for real, made the dogs here turn thier heads!

    Dont see why the powers of coincidences wont smile your way and fruitbasket tag too…sending encouragement to keep it on the bright side.

  3. I am sure those pictures sold you. You will be getting offers in the mail from all over the world.

  4. I’d go with the middle picture. How could they refuse!

  5. Send them all and why not pose with the chickens. People and animal guy. Loved this post 🙂

  6. The middle photo shows you’re prepared but last shows how resourceful you are. Course, the mad bomber hat in the first one illustrates that, regardless of the weather, you are fashionable. Send all three, you won’t need a resume!

  7. The Good Luck Duck

    I agree with Elroy – send them all. They demonstrate that you are versatile. A Man of Many Faces.

    Annie remarks that she’ll not be responding to ads that require a photo. Those folks won’t meet our requirements.

  8. this looks like a ‘shoe in’

  9. A resume and a picture in return for spending several months in Sedona? Sounds like a fair deal to me. I like the furry ear flaps myself – they just scream people person.



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