The Lost Coon Diggings

I try not to be too humanocentric in my  dealings with the wildlife population here.  I’m willing to put up with some inconvenience and irritation in most instances in favor of the critters having their own jobs to do,  not directly intending anything personal.  I haul away snakes and try to discourage the deer.  If a creature will agree not to bother my cats and chickens I’ll generally agree to keeping the .22 behind the door where it can be peaceful and quiet.

But sometimes an animal gets insistent about leaping out of this lifetime into whatever place it figures members of its own species go when they die.  Coons tend to be of this nature.

This particular one’s been fighting a protracted battle with me for a month, at least.  Trying to dig into the chicken fortress at night, me stretching chain with treble-hooks wired to the links to discourage it days.  Brother Coon moving to another spot, starting again.  Me cutting prickly pear, putting in the holes, stacking rocks, him digging past, gradually winning me over to his own point of view that he was destined for some help getting into the next lifetime.

Last night I finally broke down and put out the live trap.

9 responses to “The Lost Coon Diggings

  1. You got him and I wonder how many readers have seen a pissed off coon.

  2. Morning to you, Fly. Thanks for the visit.

    I don’t get so many readers here as to leave a lot of margin filtering them according to whether they’ve seen angry coons, but probably some have if they’ve had any experience with them. The difference between a non-angry coon and an angry coon is mainly whether something stands in the way of something it wants.

    A coon doesn’t appear to get angry in the normal course of events, such as killing off a flock of chickens, pulling guineas out of the trees where they roost, or just trying to get into the house where the pickings are better.

    What riles a coon is something trying to keep him from doing it.

  3. Glad you got the thief gone.. I had opossums come in a couple years ago. That’s when I discovered a granular product that is basically ground up moth balls as a deterrent. also runs wasp off!! I’ve heard that fox urine will run off most critters. Skunks? I keep my 12 GA handy!! 🙂

    • Morning to you, Anon. Thanks for the visit.

      It’s been a while since I had a possum, though one did have a part in downsizing my guinea population. I’ve had fewer skunks than possums, but I dread skunks most of all because they’re such skilled, fast diggers. Skunk gets past the defenses the entire flock will be gone before it leaves.

      My chickens free range and I’m chary about putting out any poisons. They seem adept at getting into anything I don’t want them into. I have found habenero molido deters almost anything until it ages a bit and loses flavor.

      Thanks for the tip.

  4. I have more than my share of experience with raccoons. First of all, they are destructive and have toxic feces. They will chew wood in your walls and are hard to get rid of. I finally started war on mine. I used a steel trap with bread as bait. The most important element was the small lead pill that I force feed the little trouble makers. (the very first one I caught, a pissed-off female, was turned in to animal control who ‘observed it’ for a month and then released it close to my house)

  5. Seems you had a real decent adversary, Old Jules. I expect if the truth were known, you both enjoyed the challenge of trying to ‘best’ the other. The live trap seems an honourable way to win.

  6. Hi Deborah: I certainly had the impression the coon was enjoying it. Thanks again for the visit and reads.


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