No Limit to Benevolence

I’d just settled in for my afternoon nap when the phone rang.  Sheeze!

Radio announcer voice explained he was Dan Somebody-or-Other with the Police Benevolent Association fund raising.

“This number’s on the no-call list.  It’s illegal for you to call here.  Same as if you’re giving me a ticket for five miles over the speed limit.”


“I paid a $35 fine for a burned-out license-tag bulb last time I had any dealings with your kind.  Think of that as my contribution.”

Spang hung up on me just when I was getting warmed up to ask to see his license and proof of insurance.

Meanwhile, went up atop the hill with my spyglass.  Counted 14 buzzards circling around the ranch house for the 4000-plus acre ranch half-a-mile to the north.  Widow lives there alone, but maybe she had grandkids visiting killed something last night.  The buzzards are swooping but not landing, maybe skittish because it’s so close to the house and barn.

No buzzards circling over toward Gale’s, the new neighbor’s place, or the CopShop Party Hunting Cabin.  Only other buzzards swooping are probably checking out a coon that was on the front porch a couple of nights ago, tore half-an-ear  off the invader cat.  I shot it through the window screen during a pause in the action and it flopped some, dropped a lot of blood on the porch.

But by the time I got my shoes on and went outdoors it was gone.  Looked around all over from hell-to-breakfast for it next day, but couldn’t locate it.

Buzzards think it’s under a clump of dead cedar 100 yards from the cabin.   Glad it didn’t die on the porch and dump all those fleas for the cats.

Built a humongous rock and brush dam I’m hoping will prove to function as though a beaver built it.  I’m a firm believer the only reason a beaver dam holds water is because nobody ever told it science don’t allow beaver dams to hold water.

Old Jules

11 responses to “No Limit to Benevolence

  1. You are brilliant! Better hop to and check on The Wida Woman tho! c

    • ceciliag: If she’s not okay there’s nothing I can do to change it. If she is, I doubt she’d appreciate me sticking my nose into her business. She’s never waved at me on the road, never spoken to me down at the mailbox. Only time we had any truck was because of my owl-repelling music. She went to a third party who called Gale to ask me to turn it down. It ain’t my affair what the buzzards find interesting up there. Thanks for coming by for a read. Gracias, J

  2. Just think how this world would look and smell if it were not for buzzards.

    • Dizzydick: I’m hoping to be one, or a raven, come next lifetime. Those vulture-folk have it good, progressively better the worse it gets for everyone else. Plus they get to fly a lot when they’re on high-octane offal. Thanks for the read. J

  3. Hope invader cat is okay … Well, I see where my priorities lie.

    • heretherebespiders: He seems all right except for that ear. He shouldn’t ought to have messed with Brother Coon. Should have had better sense. He will now. Thanks for the visit. J

  4. My neighbor’s driveway washes out into this one every time it rains hard. It’s on an incline, not too steep maybe a foot at the most. Do you think the rock and brush dam will work to keep his driveway from ending up here, divert the water and gravel to a more convenient gathering place?

    • Elroyjones: Likely it could. You’d want to study the grades and what it’s been doing, how it’s been doing it. Forcing the water to keep in sheet flow instead of channelizing, or just using a berm to divert it. Gracias, J

      • Thanks very much. My neighbor is a good guy and every time it rains he moves all the accumulated gravel but if I could divert it he wouldn’t have to bother about it.

  5. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the post but the CAT is KING. Beautiful, I’m guessing girl cause she a little bit “comfortable”.

    • LCTC!: That was Mehitabel #1, reincarnated sequencially from Mehitabel’s #1 and #2. Each shared important pieces of my life. This one went on permanent mouse patrol sometime back in the early 2000s. She was a fine one, hasn’t returned in a new body. Gracias, J

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