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Okay, here’s the plan for now (from Jeanne):

For a little while at least, Old Jules is going to keep posting short entries on Facebook as the mood hits him. He’s not focused on blogging here at the moment, although he’s excited about the prospect of blogging more often when he’s on the road later on. So, as I have time, I’m going to transfer those posts over here for the benefit of readers who miss seeing his writing and aren’t on Facebook.
For those of you watching both places, sorry for any duplication. It can’t be helped.

 Those of you who want to keep an eye on my art work, take a look at Jeanne Kasten, Mandala Dreamer on Facebook. I intend to start a WordPress blog dedicated to my art work within the next couple of weeks, and I’ll announce and provide a link to that here so you can continue to follow that if you wish.

If you post a comment here, we’ll both get the message, so you can give us feedback if you wish.

So here is the Memorial Day entry from Old Jules:

Memorial Day would probably be a good time for a person to ask himself whether all those undeclared presidential wars since WWII were worth a single life.  Worth one dollar.  Whether they accomplished anything at all, aside from increasing the power of the US President and undermining the US Constitution.

Wonders Never Cease

Just a note to those who are interested. Without making any committment to it, Old Jules is actually using Facebook from time to time. If you’re in the mood for some pithy observations take a look at So Far From Heaven: Ask Old Jules. He’s not enamored of the site, but it’s less time-consuming than he expected loading the page, and provides a place for short commentary.
I’m at work, so I can’t give you a link. If I think about it I’ll put one in later.
Thanks to everyone who has asked after him!
Jeanne (Admin.)