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Photos VA Chapel and Weston, MO house courtesy of Jeanne


Possumly Jesse James, or a Younger or Dalton or someone else lived here, or visited here, or rode a horse by the place and gazed at it as he/she went by.


!895 Chapel for VA Center at Fort Leavenworth in seriously bad repair. Protestant downstairs, Catholic further downstairs though the signs are somewhat misleading. No harm in a protestant attending Mass or a Catholic racking up some fire and brimstone occasionally, I reckons.


Interesting stained glass work. Dunno whether it’s Catholic or the other one.


Gargoyles are shared equally by Catholics and Protestants.


The VA hospital environment surrounding this seems obliquely appropriate.


The metalwork on those doors is probably symbolic of something, but everyone who once knew what it was is dead.


This end of the building is in bad repair threatening collapse in places, but ain’t likely to get any better.


Directly across the street from the chapel. It’s been through a long series of declines and repairs but we need another World War of considerable duration to bring it back to full bloom. Need to conscript all these young houdilums and get them on track to need a place such as this.


The sign above the door reads, THE DUGOUT and can still be made out with a bit of squinting. I’m thinking it was a club for the people going through treatment, might have been used as recently as the Vietnam War.


The Dugout

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Update from Jeanne

Hi everyone,

Old Jules/Jack gave me permission to update everyone briefly about his situation. He got out of the hospital yesterday evening and is back at his cabin. I think he’s feeling well, is in excellent spirits, and we both thank you for your caring remarks. However, he doesn’t have an internet connection at this time and hasn’t been able to read emails or respond to comments.
His phone line there isn’t going to be fixed until Monday, so if there are no other internet complications he should be back online soon after that. I imagine it will take a while before he’s caught up, though.  And he still has more medical  tests that need to be done.
I will go on approving comments as usual, and we appreciate all your positive thoughts.

Best wishes,

If you can’t trust the Japanese, then who?

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Most of you will probably agree the Japanese are the most intelligent, advanced, scientifically advanced, politically and economically savvy people on the planet. It’s the reason most of you are driving Japanese automobiles.

Think about it: Japan invaded and raped East Asia for a decade, was bludgeoned to death by a costly sea war followed by two atomic bombs before they’d surrender. And within half-decade the US was at war defending Japan. “Korea,” Doug MacArthur declared, “is a dagger pointed at the heart of Japan!”

Obviously the Japanese were one hell of a lot smarter than those governing the US. The bombed-out Japanese industries were rebuilt by US taxpayers, providing them with decades newer steel mills and manufacturing capabilities than those on US soil. Ultimately the result was decline in US production and the slippery slope decline of US economic stability.

Think about it: Today the Japanese have a better space program than NASA:

Japanese Space Program
JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (former Nasda) is Japan’s version of Nasa.

  • Hayabusa was launched 9 May 2003. The probe sent to gather samples from asteroid 25143 Itokawa. After numerous glitches, the probe returned to Earth. Scientists have not yet opened the sample container.
  • In 2006, JAXA launched Akari, an infrared astronomy satellite. Its mission is to survey the entire sky in infrared. On 6 August 2007 it has surveyed 94 percent.
  • Selene was launched September 14, 2007. Selene was the largest lunar mission since NASA’s Apollo, Selene orbited the moon for 20 months. It provided data used to improve topological and gravity maps.
  • Oicets – This experimental satellite was designed to demonstrate optical communications between distant satellites. Launched in 2005, it was retired in 2009.
  • H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) first flew to the International Space Station on 10 September 2009.
  • In 2010 IKAROS probe was the world’s first spacecraft to use solar sailing as the main propulsion

The best engineers in the world are Japanese. Agreed? The most competent scientists in the world are Japanese. Agreed? The most savvy politicians and economists in the world are Japanese. Agreed?

If any scientists and engineers anywhere can be trusted to be right about important matters involving human science, engineering and environmental issues, the place to look for affirmation should be Japan. Agreed?

Japanese science and engineers designed and produced the three nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima power plants.

Are the most competent, advanced scientists and engineers in the world concerned about manmade climate change? Are they concerned about contaminating the North Pacific with radioactive cooling water? Obviously they are not.

After the disaster, then until now, have the most advanced, competent scientists in the world bothered to do anything to contain the cascade of environmental problems supposedly associated with nuclear fuel rods exposed to the atmosphere and sea water? They have not.

Japanese scientists and engineers knew everything they could know about the tectonic environment of Japan. They designed those plants and built them with all that in mind, took the worst possible scenarios into account. Obviously.

So how is it the populations of nations with less competent scientists and engineers, the people who drive Japanese automobiles, come to believe anything their own scientists postulate concerning other matters involving advanced science?

The most advanced, most intelligent, the most savvy scientists and engineers on the planet proved themselves capable of ignoring the obvious, of assuring Japan their nuclear power plants were safely constructed.

How can anyone bring himself to believe what any scientist, any engineer, any politician says about manmade climate changes? Particularly any scientist or engineer who isn’t Japanese.

Old Jules

The conspiracy theory of mechanical advantage

Hi readers. 

I’m here to breathlessly tell you Paul Revere-like about a matter you might need to be aware of if you’re ever the target of God’s punishment.  Physicists, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, unreconstructed NAZIs, Zion Elders and other conspirators will try to convince you mechanical advantage is mere physics.  They lie.  It’s done to lure you into a false sense of uncertainty.

Mechanical advantage isn’t about moment, arm, fulcrums and all that other crap they try to fill your head with when you’re vulnerably youthful and open to big headedness.  Mechanical advantage is about heavy breathing, taking a lot of breaks and not giving yourself a damned coronary.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t rock a 5000 pound RV sitting on the ground with the wheels blocked and the emergency brake on, rock that mama with a long-enough cheater on a lug-bar.  You can practically roll the SOB over the blocks.

But also don’t be gullible enough to believe you can’t eventually break the lug nuts crack  CRACK CRACK.  Eventually far enough so’s you can turn them with a T Bar.  No matter what those people with their fancy impact tools thought when they put those tires on.

It ain’t about mechanical advantage, though.  It’s about taking a lot of breathers, not getting into any heart-stopping hurries.  It’s also about getting them loose enough so’s when that 5000 pounds is poised atop a 2-ton hydraulic jack with a 1-inch diameter knurled coin atop it, you don’t tip it over when you loosen the nuts the rest of the way.

Which is the next step in this conspiracy theory.  During that step I recommend the mantra, “Ahtay Malkuth Vegeverah Vegedula Layohhlum!”  [Four-two breathing if you can manage it]

Being punished by God can be a growth experience if a person holds his mouth right and he’s careful which God he’s going to allow to do the punishing. 

Old Jules

From Jeanne: It’s a blog!

Img_8684Jeanne Kasten Studio

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in my drawings. I will continue to update the categories that I’ve started, and anticipate posting there about once a week. Your comments are welcome!



Come in and get me, coppers!

I’m thinking I’m going to have to start sending more interesting emails to people on my Yahoo account, or quit using it. Mainly all I get on there are daily digests from a few dozen Yahoo groups about raising chickens, sensor technology, recovering micron gold, and vintage Toyota RVs. I need to get into sex, guns and shoot’em ups with the cops if I want to keep Yahoo people from being bored.

Dark suit: “Old Jules, we saw on one of your emails that you think chickens are smarter than human beings. Could we come inside and talk with you a few minutes? We’d like you to answer a few questions.” Me: “Come in and get me coppers! You’ll never take me alive!”

 Dark suit: “Old Jules, one of your emails commented that you never see women wearing dresses anymore when you go to town. You said the only people wearing dresses nowdays are men. We believe this might be a hate crime. Could we come inside and ask you a few questions?” Me: “Come in and get me coppers! etc.”

Dark suit: “Old Jules, one of your Yahoo emails contained the statement, “The president is nothing but a white multinational banker with a full body tattoo, big investments in the weaponry and chemical companies, and a private army of mercenaries disguised as the US military and Homeland Security. Are these your own conclusions? How did you find out about the tattoo?”

Okay, here’s the plan for now (from Jeanne):

For a little while at least, Old Jules is going to keep posting short entries on Facebook as the mood hits him. He’s not focused on blogging here at the moment, although he’s excited about the prospect of blogging more often when he’s on the road later on. So, as I have time, I’m going to transfer those posts over here for the benefit of readers who miss seeing his writing and aren’t on Facebook.
For those of you watching both places, sorry for any duplication. It can’t be helped.

 Those of you who want to keep an eye on my art work, take a look at Jeanne Kasten, Mandala Dreamer on Facebook. I intend to start a WordPress blog dedicated to my art work within the next couple of weeks, and I’ll announce and provide a link to that here so you can continue to follow that if you wish.

If you post a comment here, we’ll both get the message, so you can give us feedback if you wish.

So here is the Memorial Day entry from Old Jules:

Memorial Day would probably be a good time for a person to ask himself whether all those undeclared presidential wars since WWII were worth a single life.  Worth one dollar.  Whether they accomplished anything at all, aside from increasing the power of the US President and undermining the US Constitution.