econoline rv tire blown

econoline rv tire blown

4 responses to “econoline rv tire blown

  1. Why Jules, that’s a mighty fine picture of a blown tire! 🙂

  2. Looks to me that tire was junk long before it shit the bed. I doubt these two tires started out life together. You are NOT riding with the outside tire off the road. No way. One of mine failed and the next day had four new ones. Kinda needed to be done anyway. Tomorrow that RV is supposed to be heading to a new life. I will pursue buying a 13ft Scamp. There are not many used ones and no dealers. May have to go to Minnysota end of Sept to get one. If your voltage tester has #’s 14.2 volts is about what you’re looking for when it’s running. You can generally hear if your alternator is charging by listening at an idle and then turning the lights on. The sound changes and the motor may slow down for a bit. I want to see mine gone. I just want simple and just one engine and transmission to deal with.

    • One Fly: The inside tire in the pic blew and was driven 40 miles before the picture was taken. Before it blew the two tires looked identical.

      The scamp sounds to me to be a nice alternative.

      Gracias, J

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