Kasten Halloween Creepiness, Part Two

Amazing. Andrew, Julia and Michael did a heck of a job once again. No halfway for these youths. Jack

Jeanne Kasten Studio

Here’s a brief overview of how things looked during the Halloween festivities that my kids orchestrated last night . I was working until late, so I didn’t get to see many  of the visitors, but everyone seemed impressed, and a few kids were genuinely terrified.

IMG_1525Gate at the entrance to the yard.

IMG_1482There were 17 torches lit, some red lamps on the ground, and some ultraviolet lights on the porch.

IMG_1484I wish I could have seen it all! There were 150 trick-or-treaters! Double the number from last year.

IMG_1491Some (real) animal skulls decorate the grill.

IMG_1490This one’s hard to see, but that’s “radioactive waste” spilling out.

IMG_1563Werewolf in the little tree. My son did some tree-trimming and used the branches as props and barriers behind the display, which worked well for keeping people in the right area of the yard.

IMG_1543Orange kitty ignored the spider and ghost.

IMG_1542Heat lamps feel…

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