Hunkered down for the duration

Hunkered into a 1947 US military goose-down sleeping bag, checking the blood oxygen occasionally probably is about as good a way as any to reach Nirvana.

Hunkered into a 1947 US military goose-down sleeping bag, checking the blood oxygen occasionally probably is about as good a way as any to reach Nirvana.

Hi readers:

The coincidence coordinators decided last week that it’s still early times for figuring out what the Veterans Administration Medical Drama Department has in store.  Spang shut down their offices mid-week, filled up their voice mail boxes to overflowing before I developed the good sense to bow to the inevitable.

The cats appear to be indifferent to the challenges.  Whatever the hell it was caused me to decide I needed to sign up to see a VA medical person will have to get in line behind an ice-melt.  Evidently it had nothing at all to do with blood oxygen, anyway.

The cats are laughing their asses off at me about the whole thing.

Old Jules

6 responses to “Hunkered down for the duration

  1. Life has a nasty habit of grabbing you by the balls every now and again. It’s usually just to remind you that life is a fickle state. At your age – and I should know cause I passed 72 this week – life is designed to give you occasional frightners but in my experience they soon fade into the past and all goes on as before. Indeed, sometimes it feels as though you have been set a test and passed!! Good luck for the future and tell the cats to show some respect for their elders.

  2. Chuck Cunningham

    Aw, they’d just tell you to do some humming practice anyway. You know:
    like with the kids: Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm Barack Hussein Obama!!!!
    Just for jokes sake and not political. Get well !!!!!!! Fink!!!!!! You ain’t getting out this easy!!! I ain’t got that many friends and acquaintances. So take a “Chill pill” and go to bed and hug your cat.

    Chicken Little

    • Hi Chuck. Likely the humming will be along soon enough. The VA’s probably got the whole facility humming in the back rooms to keep them behaving themselves. Saw a movie the other night from the early 50s in which Sydney Portier played a Mandela-like character in Africa somewhere and whossname, the woman who sang, ‘C est si bon,’, lovers say that in France, etc, Ertha Kitts, played his wife. Africans called him Obam, which meant in the local language, ‘Hawk’. Fairly interesting, educational and edifying. Mark of the Hawk. The man called Obam struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British … See full summary » And so on.

  3. Plenty of oxygen and your hand has good color, indicating blood is flowing. Maybe I’ll apply to an online med school and hang my internet shingle. Happy to know you are feeling better, glad I bet on you and the tires.

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