4-5 amp solar collector for recharging batteries

Hi readers:

Eddie’s made me another generous offer of a solar collector he had lying around, complete with controller.

solar collector

solar collector controller


I have a smaller one back at Gale’s, but I think I’ll be able to just add the wires to those going into the controller.

4 responses to “4-5 amp solar collector for recharging batteries

  1. This looks like something I need, too. I’ve been using old xmas ornament photocell units for AAA rechargeables. They’re kind of clunky compared to your unit.

  2. What a fine gift. I use solar her in the northeast where sun is less common
    but still its very useful. I think you will find it a valuable assist to maintaining batteries. Good luck.


  3. Great gift idea! I am big into anything solar so I could definitely use this for the holidays. Thanks!

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