Strategic Air Command HQ, Omaha, Nebraska of insignificance

KC VA Med Ctr

VA Medical Center, Kansas City, MO, 100 acres ofparking lot, 20 acres handicapped parking, 100 active hospital rooms serving a shrinking population of US Military Vets who didn’t make a career of being lifers. Draft-era vets are dying like flies, robbing the macho of facilities such as this one.

VA med ctr elevators

The ‘Valor’ elevators. Yeah, but if you think that’s a bit overkill in the nomenclature department the hallway getting there is ‘Hero Hall’. Goes to prove there’s no limit to the lengths the US Government will go to in order to keep all us gullible burned out has-beens who use the place thinking Vietnam, Korea and other Presidential Wars were places where heroism could manifest itself.

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I said in my last entry I might post anew if anything different happened and by gollywolly it did.  Different as hell, in fact.  The Strategic Air Command HQ, Omaha, Nebraska of different.

You might recall my state of mind as being a bit tentative during the period just prior to my taking a break.  I had what medico-oriented people might consider sufficient reason to be concerned about ‘suspicious’ whatchallits on my goozle and lungs, considerable intermittent pain, and a ticker that clearly was behaving outside the range of idealistic tickerism.  The Strategic Air Command HQ, Omaha, Nebraska, of lousy ticker behavior this side of croaking.

In short, Texas wasn’t working out as the best place to pursue my options in the less-than-optimum mobility direction following anything coming down the pike involving hospitals.  Two cats were depending on me being around and able to do everything necessary to provide them with sustenance.

Jeanne stepped in and save my life at precisely the right moment in human history to allow that option.  Suggested at a moment when I was able to consider it, me trucking up to Olathe, KS, and checking into the horsepital here through the Emergency Room.  Her taking care of the cats while I was inside.

And agreeing to keep them afterward if I croaked during the process.   An offer I dasn’t refuse.

So I loaded up Hydrox and Tabby, groaned into the RV the day before the worst storm to hit Texas in a number of years, I’m told.  The Strategic Air Command HQ, Omaha, Nebraska, of winter storms.

Drove most of the night and reached the end of my tether in Gainsville, Texas, north of Dallas.  Checked into a motel room to croak.

Jeanne sent her two sons down to interfere with the Grim Reaper by driving me on up to Olathe, KS.  Shortly after arriving I parachuted into the ER of the Olathe Medical Center for a week or so vacation.

Turned out after they’d done a lot of poking and prodding I’d killed off allbut about 15-20% of my heart back when all this whining and complaining I’d been doing started in November.  And my goozle was a thing to behold over in the gastroenterology end of things.  That poor old tube had more ugly mess going on inside it than I’d have dared hope.  But [after swilling a tea of Burdock, Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel and Slippery Elm for a month before the Cat-Scan] not malignant.  Nor was the suspicious lung stuff.

Quicker than you could tell it they stuck a magic electric cow-prod under the skin of my chest/shoulder and ran wires from it down into my heart.  It’s there to remind my mildly functioning heart muscle that it needs to keep trucking without any drama if it doesn’t want to get struck by lightning, kicked by a mule, as many times as it takes until it decides to behave itself.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been sleeping in Jeanne’s recliner, wearing a restraining thing so’s I can’t raise my arm above my head, thus protecting the wire running down into my heart from getting yanked out by the roots.   Another couple of weeks and that shouldn’t be necessary.

The RV’s in Jeanne’s driveway, Tabby’s finding a new home for herself with Jeanne’s daughter, Julia, and her sons, Michael and Andrew, and Hydrox is here with me trying to become a Kansas cat.

I’m figuring I’ll be here a couple more months, at least.  I’m forming a new relationship with the Missouri Veteran Medical Center mainly because I was so impressed with what all they did in Texas to prevent me having to go to a private hospital in Kansas to find out what the hell was going on inside my body.

But hells bells, I’m grateful for all of it.  Been finding a lot of reasons why my life’s going to be a better place as a consequence of not having cancer of the goozle, lung cancer, and having a cow prod in my chest in their stead.

I’m thinking, for one thing, I’ve arrived at a place in life where Hydrox can no longer depend on my services.  When I leave here most likely he’ll be staying behind with Jeanne.

All in allI’m the Strategic Air Command Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska, of grateful to be alive and feeling as well as I do.  Luckiest man on the planet, any way you cut it.  Don’t try this at home, though.

Old Jules

56 responses to “Strategic Air Command HQ, Omaha, Nebraska of insignificance

  1. So glad to read this post that you are doing so much better. It just ain’t your time hang your keys yet so just keep on writing posts!
    Take care Jules

  2. I’m happy you were given that chance to be where you’re at now Jules!

  3. Glad you’re on the mend, my friend. Too much truth telling left for you to bid adieu just yet, methinks.

  4. So happy to hear you’re on the mend.

  5. Happy news indeed. Jeanne is the superhero of the year..

  6. Thank you my friend, I am proud to be able to read the writing on your article!

  7. YAY! Yippee! I am so HAPPY to read this. I’ve been wondering about you and Jeanne, worried about the lack of information, hoping for the best for both of you.
    Beyond my euphoria, I’m curious about your heart, what happened to it, did you have a heart attack without realizing it and that’s what killed some of the muscle?
    One last time- elated that you are still with us and Jeanne has saved the day and you along with it!

    • Thanks elroyjones. Evidently a massive heart attack, possibly a series of smaller ones tromping across the landscape of November, December and January. It’s mostly scar tissue now. Thanks for asking. Jack

  8. Nice to have you back.Don’t rush into anything so we can enjoy your company for a long while yet.
    So that’s what Jeanne’s been up to. I wondered how she lost herself. 🙂

  9. You’re alive! Great news!!

  10. So happy to read this.
    Thank you Jeanne

  11. Sorry to hear about your problems. Sure hope you will stay well and the old ticker will keep on a ticking.

  12. Happy to hear from you! Sheesh it did sound bad there for a while. Thank you to Jeanne for hoisting you up by your bootstraps via her boys and getting you to where you needed to be. I missed you.

    Does this mean you can’t be around microwaves now, or did they fix that part of the internal cattle prod system? I’m not up to date on these things.

    Rather sad to hear you may have to forgo Hydrox’s company, however.

    • Little microwaves are evidently okay, but thanks heretherebespiders. Big microwaves, junk yard electromagnets, power generators, welding machines and big magnets are verboten. Mixed emotions about Hydrox on my end. Lots of relief knowing he’ll be looked after, tends to reduce the amount of grief this end of the equation until after I have to experience the reality of it. Thanks. Jack

  13. Sounds like you made all the right connections to hang around a little longer. You are indeed lucky, and so are we because we get more entertaining messages.

  14. Jeanne surely did a fine thing and with good follow-up, no slacking. She stayed with you and got you to Kansas.
    The thing I wonder is why you didn’t just pick up Hydrox and her pal and click the heels of your Ruby Slippers and ZAP! back in Kansas. But I guess it was good theater.

    I am not totally clear on the procedure, but did they actually operate on your heart as my fellow elder in the local Presbyterian Church just had with a valve replacement and other stuff. It was looking a bit grim for a while but he is home on the mend. Surprised they don’t have him up running laps the way things are nowadays. Also, My brother-in-law just had a cancerous kidney and more removed at 81 and they have to almost hold him down. They are off to Florida tomorrow and it has only been a few months.

    What is the 15 to 25% useable heart muscle stuff. How does that work?

    I still have the “makins” of the Cassie’s or Essiac Tea. I have had all the stuff in the same package unopened for over 4 years and maybe 6 years. Do you think it could stlll be used with good results expected? I’ve have some empty Bailey’s bottles to store the stuff. Is it a 1/4 cup twice a day? Maybe I should replace any elements that may be in unuseable. And it isn’t distilled water like the colloidal silver, right? My neighbor a few doors down has a generator and has offered it to us. She thinks it is magick. I’m not too sure how to use it. Internally or just externally?

    Just get well! You will be prayed for. He might just keep you around for a while. I mean He sent you an Angel to take care of you, so why not. You could be worth
    another 15 to 20 years. : ) or more.

    • Thanks Chuck. Yep, Jeanne’s a jewel. I was asleep, but all I think they did was open up a slot under the tissue in my shoulder, run some wires down inside my ribcage into my heart and the area just outside it, slip in something about the size of a deck of cards and sew me back up. Afterward they came into the room while I was cogent and hooked up a machine of a computer-like nature, shot current around inside my chest for half-an-hour tuning it up, and instructed me on everything I ain’t to do and when I ain’t to do it. I don’t know how the heart thing works any more than you do except that this one doesn’t except 15-20 percent of it. Maybe there are books somewhere a person could read to find out, but it seems a lot of trouble to go to so’s to understand a done deal.

      I expect the Caisse’s is probably good, especially if you kept it in a freezer. I take a couple of oz. per day but I read somewhere once a maintenance dose is one ounce per day. Anyway, I’ve never heard of anyone using a colloidal silver generator internally, but it’s an idea. This thing in my chest might well provide the current to generate colloidal silver in my bladder, say, if I could figure out how to get the silver bezel in there and an anode/cathode connected properly.

      Might be there’s a cosmetic surgeon somewhere who’d open you up and install a colloidal silver generator in your stomach with an electrical power cord coming out at your armpit. Likely there is, in fact, and if you can find one I’d recommend doing it before it becomes a fad and the price for the procedure skyrockets.

      Thanks amigo, Jack

      • Our friend has a generator but it is just one that you can use, say, on the counter in the kitchen and make a quantity of the colloidal silver to use where ever: on the dogs, on scars, etc. I just thought in the old days someone on “the site” talked about taking it internally. I have some supposedly 99.9% pure silver wire and a 9 volt battery and hooked a wire to each electrode and bent them and hooked the contraption over the edge of a glass for say 20 minutes, but I really didn’t know the potency.

        The Essiac Tea elements have been in my closet upstairs. I wasn’t smart enough to put the stuff in the freezer. Wasn’t real cheap so It may not be good. I never opened the box. Toss it?

        Your heart gadget sort of sounds like a pacemaker to an uneducated ear. Hope you’re up and going before too long.

        Might write an e-mail on a personal health situation of some concern that may need the Caisse’s/Essiac Tea.


        • It’s just Black Burdock, Slippery Elm, Sheep Sorrel and Turkey Rhubarb root, Chuck. I don’t think any of those deteriorate with time in a way calculated to cause you harm if you ingest them. I’d personally feel no compunctions about cooking it up and drinking it, same as I’d do if it was new. That’s just me, though.

          The heart gadget’s called a defibrillator, thinks I, but has some pacemaker in the gene pool. I never know the strenth of colloidal silver I make up and give to the cats or use on myself. Never seemed to keep it from doing the job intended. Hydrox is taking it as I write this, in his water and canned food, for what I fear is a urinary infection. Jack

          • Our 5 new used-to-be babies are sneezing. Tried Benedryl but gave up with the cats rejecting the stuf fixed in a ball of wet Friskies. They can be tough and scary when they REALLY don’t want something. Think colloidal silver could help with colds? I have to get some distilled water. But with cats it might
            not matter in the short run unless hairless. Could play Smurfs in a kid movie. Blackjack is on my chest right now purring nicely. Buster is down with the cold and it’s effects. I can make it or if our neighbor has a big quantity on hand maybe get some of hers.

            Hoping you don’t need the defib-thing but good to have one “on hand” if needed . Does it kick on automatically or do you engage it? I have sure taken so many blessings for granted. My list is very long. : ). Cat is against my cheek now. CATS RULE!!

          • Hi Chuck. I’ve never used distilled water for colloidal silver because the conductivity of the water is lousy if there are no minerals in it. Tap water’s always worked for me, but that’s just me. I’m mostly not scared of tap water. Hydrox is getting dosed with colloidal silver in his tap water water dish constantly here, and Shiva gets the spinoff benefits. Yep, the defibrillator doesn’t ask permission to kick in and shoot a jolt. Sometimes I think it does it just for the hell of it, or for reasons known only to the robotics department of the New World Order. Jack

          • Evening Jack

            I have a stoppered bottle of colloidal silver that is a couple years old or more in the bedroom. Poor kittie’s eye is bright red in the corner. Do you think swabbing it out with even the old stuff could help? I just don’t want to do cause damage if the stuff could have been percolating some bad stuff but what could live in a colloidal solution. I feel so sorry for the cat, Jasper, with his Fire Eye. I can make some more. I have the silver wires and would use emery cloth to clean them a bit and hook up to water for about 20 minutes. The other cats have pretty well shaken this, but Jasper is rough. He is here on the bed with us, Mommy under the bed dodging me and the ear cleaning operation and the rest of the Kraken are wanting out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I miss them but it is sort of a riot with Blackjack, Buster, Scrappy, and Bristol rampaging around and BJack wrapped around my neck. That might overdo it for poor Jasper.

            2 years or more too much? I think some silver may have precipitated out.

            Oh, the distilled water had to do with copper chloride turning people blue or some-such thing and distilled water doesn’t have the chlorine. I know nothing about conductivity. I’ll e-mail this too just in case you don’t check this one. Maybe it all ends up in e-mail anysomehow.

            Hang in there. Did I tell you the story about being healed suddenly of leg cramps/convulsions by The Lord. He laid his hand, I felt on my back first, or His messenger’s (maybe my guardian angel) on my back just above my pelvis in the midst of horrible leg cramps I had been having and this time couldn’t shake or walk off and immediately heat flooded down both legs and killed the cramps/convulsions like Right Now. They really haven’t come back and they had been recurring at intervals. How kind was that and what a startling experience. Reminds me of the story in the New Testament of the Roman Centurion coming to Jesus and asking Him to heal his servant, who was at home sick. He said Jesus need not come to his house but just to give the command and he knew his servant would be healed. He said that he had many men under him and they did what he told them to do, so he knew all Jesus needed to do was give the order.
            Jesus was surprised by the quality of his faith in Him. He said he had not seen such faith even in Israel. Good sign for us Gentiles. I don’t remember even asking. He just saw the need and Wham! I thank Him so much for keeping His eye on such a servant as me. : ) When it gets down to the wire (or way before) ask Him. Great friend to have.

            Best to you, Pal.

            aka Chicken Little

          • I can’t give you a meaningful answer Chuck. Some of it does precipitate out over time, and I can imagine the particles irritating the eyes of an animal. There’s some other remedy I’ve used on pinkeye with cats but I can’t recall what it was, though I recall it ws good. Best back at you. Jack

          • Hi Jack,
            Well we took to the cats in this morning to the vet. One of them had a bright red eye and was very lethargic and we got both of them medicine but Jasper got eye medicine as well and he still pretty well subdued hiding out in the hole in the cat tree. We hope he gets better. He sort of a lightweight in the crowd. But usually is more spunky than this. I just hope the other crew of cats doesn’t get this or we will be looking for bail out from mom the President and his pals. We have one more that looks like he’s not in that great of shape either so we hope he doesn’t go down. I don’t think we have enough medication to split between them. But they will give us more medicine without having to see all the rest of the cats so it’s a little cheaper. But we think is well worth it to keep the little buggers healthy. Maybe will start adding the colloidal silver to their water in the future to try to keep them in good shape. I have lots of silver wire and the stuff seems to last forever, so we can probably keep these guys in the sauce for a long time.

            You, keep getting better.

    • Hi Chuck, just wanted to point out that you use tap water for colloidal silver, otherwise it won’t react. ~Jeanne

      • Jeannie,
        I didn’t know that. I was told that there was some controversy about colloidal silver turning people blue if they used regular tapwater. I thought we had a discussion about that years back and I was supposed to use distilled water, which I never did. I have always made it out of tapwater. I just bought a bottle of distilled water yesterday or the day before thinking how smart I was finally have some. Are you sure about that nonreactive part? I thought it just had to do with creating silver chloride in the blood and turning your blue if you took too much of the stuff. I remember discussion sometime in the past that we were supposed to use the distilled on colloidal silver and regular water on Cassies. Thanks for letting me know. It is sure easy to ignore the bottle of water. I think it was only a little over a dollar.

        • The reason one person turned blue was that he drank too much, for a long long time. You’ll get diarrhea if you drink more than you need, which tells you when to cut back (just like Vitamin C).
          I tried distilled water once, but it didn’t react, is all. You won’t see the stuff coming off of your .999 wire if it’s not working. Only other time that happened was when I had a dead battery.

          • Distilled water is out!

            Thanks for saving me lots of troubles.

            Jasper still sneezing and eye a duller red on that special “cat lid” but he seems peppier and drinking a lot of water. Hoping best for him. Others want out of the RR but it is too late.

            I hope to get some reading done. Blackjack won’t allow that but Jasper doesn’t crowd in on the chest and neck. : )

          • Hi Chuck; Anything as flavorless as distilled water probably wouldn’t appeal to the feline tastebuds anyway. Hope they’re all feeling better. jack

          • Looks like they got over it, mostly. The two worst got Vet meds and the rest outran it. Just Jasper had the eye problem. Sure love those cats. Both groups missed. I need a bigger bed. Only holds 4 at Max

            You’re doing “ok?”

            We’re babysitting granddaughter today.
            Grandma is doing “buckle activity” just now.


          • Hi Chuck. Doing fine here. Just glad I’m not babysitting. Knowing I’m not and that somethere in the pantheon of human experience I could be, makes today a better day than it was before I read your post. Gracias, J

          • That’s a Big 10-2, Good Buddy!

          • Hi Chuck. Yeah, it is, I reckons. J

  15. This Nebraskan is glad that you’re doing much better and are doing some more writing. 🙂

  16. Such good news! Glad you have Jeanne in your life. Those kinds of friendships are the best.

    • Morning Teresa Evangeline. I doubt a person could get much more fortunate in the friendship line than I am with Jeanne. My life since the late 1990s would have been a dryer, tougher place if she hadn’t been in it. Gracias, J

  17. Most excellent to see your words of wisdom on the screen again and so good to know that the crisis is over. Have you come a cross a book call “Kansas Curiosities”? I’m sure it would suit your sense of humour.

  18. Hallelujah!!!!! I just love getting good news. Now take real good care of yourself so we can enjoy your words of wisdom a little longer.

  19. Jules, sure glad to read your wit again and know your are likely to be with us a while longer. A friend of mine, here locally, got one of those when they first were dispensed for non testing use. He has had good results with it for several years now. One episode of it going crazy zapping when it shouldn’t and they corrected it with the computer. He, like you, has only a small part of his heart working, about 40 percent ever since I have known him which is over 20 years. The defibrillator they installed 5-8 years ago. He just has to run in the first couple of low gears. No more of the ninety MPH any more. Beyond that he does pretty much what he wants within those constants. So be assured, you have more time to be with us. Thanks for letting us know. It surely is a relief that it was not cancer. Blessings, Mary

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