Best laid plans

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

1951 I fell madly in love with a song on the radio:  Trumepeter’s Lullaby.  So naturally around 1955 when Central Grade School began scouting around for kids who wanted to play instruments in the band I announced, “I shore do!”

But half the boys lining up to sign wanted to play the trumpet.  Probably the glamor of it looking so similar to a bugle, which we’d all seen in John Wayne movies, along with various war movies.  And Frank Sinatra’d been a trumpet player in something to draw our attention.

Okay.  My parents assured me I could learn to play Trumpeter’s Lullaby on a trombone as well as Anderson played it on a trumpet if I worked hard.  Besides, someone they knew had a trombone the kid outgrew and I could have it for the price of a little oil and Brasso.

So I worked myself something awful on that trombone for the rest of grammar school, right on up into Junior High Band.  Learned to read music as long as  it was following a bass clef lead.  And damn me, never could play anything as well as I could play taps or reveille.  Sounded really good on a trombone.

I did learn to play Mammy’s Little Baby Loves Shortnin Bread.

And I did a fair job on Under the Double Eagle.

But taps, reveille, Mammy’s Little Baby Loves Shortnin Bread, and Under the Double Eagle does not a band member make.  Never could bring myself to learn anything else and finally Mr. Jackson, the band director suggested I try choir.  Move on to greater horizons, sort of thing.

So hell, I did.  Never joined the choir, but I spent a good many years singing Mammy’s Little Baby Loves Shortnin Bread until it became rude to do it for other reasons than my voice.

Likely as not if I live long enough I’ll take up the trumpet, though.  I never cared for that damned trombone.

Old Jules

16 responses to “Best laid plans

  1. Went through the same thing. Wanted something else and got stuck with the trombone. Never did that well with it, either. However, I still have a pretty decent singing voice and for awhile got paid to sing. Not what you sang, but it helped pay the bills.

    • Hi Ed. Good seeing you. Anytime a person can find something to pay the bills I’m mostly in favor of it. I’ve considered blackmailing people to pay me not to sing, but I don’t get out enough. Gracias, J

  2. Hi Jules. Been a while since I came by. I hate Google’s way of hiding things I might want to see and showing things I just as soon they hide. It was my dream to play the trombone in band and to play piano. Never got the chance to play in the band. Could not bring myself to ask my parents for something I knew they could not afford. Eventually I did learn to tickle the ivories and sometimes those little black keys. If you listen real close you can figure out a song or two I am trying to play. The rythem fowls me up. Can’t dance worth a hoot either. And dancing is at the top of my list of all time favorite activities. Good to hear your story. Blessings. M.

    • Thanks Mary. Glad seeing you here. Yeah, those instruments could be expensive in Portales in those days. Must have been a considerable stress on Mr. Jackson when those kids from Lindsey Grade School showed up ragged and broke every year. Thanks for coming by. Jack

  3. My counterpart to your trombone was the viola. 🙂

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