Tinker to Evers to Chance

Three of the past four months I’ve been blocked from Facebook thirty days at a time with brief intervals between so’s to allow me the freedom to get blocked again.     The what?  reason?  explanation?  Ah well, the nature of the offenses have been comments made in reference to two [2] different issues about which I hold opinions Facebook finds unacceptable.

The first was the Israeli occupation and annexation of the parts of Jerusalem that are outside the boundaries of Israel established by International Law in 1947.   Evidently Facebook and many FB users find this opinion to be antisemitic and offensive.

Similarly an opinion expressed involving the IDF molestation of a pre-adolescent Palestinian youth in the Hebron area where Israel has confiscated homes and land from the owners outside the International Boundaries of Israel was worthy of a second 30 day block from Facebook use.

And finally, strong skepticism concerning US military activities in Syria, the motives for those activities, and the complicity of Israel in those activities were the subject of a comment FB deleted and banned me another 30 days.

Facebook is a free service and I don’t argue their ‘right’ to disallow any sort of comments they wish, nor their punishment of commenters who express opinions they find unappropriated, or offensive.   Of course they have that right!  There are no ‘freedom of speech’ issues on Internet social media sites because they are all privately owned.    What would be the point of furnishing a service of that sort if you didn’t intend to use it to further your own agenda, whatever that agenda might be.

However, I think it can be said without danger of inaccuracy that even though the FB agenda isn’t stated outright, certain facets of that agenda can be deduced by the choices of what description of opinions to delete, and what opinion-holders to punish for having expressed those opinions.

Life is a learning experience and I’m gratified to discover I live in a world where supporting Semitic Palestinians to preserve their homes from theft by a secular state controlled by invading European Jews is anti-Semitic.

And that believing the US government is performing as a puppet to the only nation on earth named for a family, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, in its involvement in Syria is also offensive enough to be worthy of punishment by a social medium seems a statement worthy of the 21sc Century.

Old Jules

14 responses to “Tinker to Evers to Chance

  1. I’d be willing to bet I could prove that an honest majority of FB users would agree with at least some of that. But it wouldn’t accomplish anything to do so, since FB is a propaganda machine, among other things.

    • Dadgummed shame they don’t have a vote occasionally with the winner becoming the owner of some brand of TRUTH or other. But in the case of FB, they win by default I reckons. Gracias, Old Jules

  2. You wrote: lthe Israeli occupation and annexation of the parts of Jerusalem that are outside the boundaries of Israel established by International Law in 1947. Evidently Facebook and many FB users find this opinion to be antisemitic and offensive.l
    The GREEN LINE was established as a Truce line separating ISRAEL and the TransJordinian Arab Legion which invaded the Partitioned British Mandate area. It was not and never became an International boundary not even after TrandJordan emerged as the Kingdom of Jordan in an attempt to legitimize the occupation of the West Bank and the suppression of Arab Nationalistic aspirations by fellow Arabs ruled by the Transplanted Hashemite family from Saudia with their loyal Beduins tribes. Needless to say the Hashemite monarchy treated the inhabitants of the area as enemies and kept them at an arms length with whips and chains. At the same time the regime destroyed Jewish sites and desecrated Jewish holy places piling garbage at the Western wall platform, destroying synagogues that stood for hundreds of years in the Jewish Quarter and kept the Jewish survivors from the Jewish quarter and surrounding settlements in interment camps while all their possessions were looted.
    So your charachterization of broken international laws bears no credibility and no basis in reality what ISRAEL did around Jerusalem is no more than restoration of Jewish presence to where it was for millenia and mostly to where there was never Arab presence.
    Don’t misunderstand I do not condone the policies that ISRAEL exercises towards today’s Arab population but regardless of the fact that ISRAEL is viewed as a Bully it has every right to retain the status of the eternal victim as manifested by rampant antisemitism, anti Zionist anti ISRAEL universal campaign, as defined by European waves of resurgent fascism and the blooming hatred and racism sponsored by Trumpism and billions of fanatic Muslim who are still accusing Jews of using gentile children’s blood for Matsa.
    So perhaps you can explain to me why should ISRAEL and Jews stop acting as the victim it is? Did anyone ever go to war or stand up for Jewish victims? Statistically non existent!
    Spare me your worry over Arab oppression and Israeli brutality come down to the real world. Go,live as a Jew in Pakistan or Indonesia, perhaps TransJordan or Egypt?

    • Ami, fairly typical response from your sort. But despite the evasions and falsehoods you attempt to perpetrate, lawful boundaries do exist and they are the same boundaries as existed from 1947 to 1967. Lying and pretensions of victimhood because grandparents somewhere experienced misfortunes can’t change that. Britain doesn’t belong to the descendants of Saxons because Saxons once owned it. The US doesn’t belong to one or another tribe of Native Americans because that tribe once owned it. And assuming there’s some remaining DNA in the veins of European Jews who have ‘returned’ to Israel [got to laugh at that one], there’s no right of inheritance and certainly no legitimate claim greater than actual claims by actual owners. Israel has become the rightful heir of the 3rd Reich based on their ‘Chosen People’ behaviors. Land claimed 2000 years ago by bronze-age barbarians? Get real.

  3. Another reason to avoid FB other that trying to dodge another fat person’s favorite casserole. Thanks

  4. But Jules – they were chosen by God.

    • That’ll do it I reckons. Old Jules

      • the debate on your post was very informative – I really like to hear the different views that people have – it like being in a classroom….that one post and the comment has given me things to look up and read about…thanks

        • There’s a lot to be learned if you are open to learning it. I was taken by surprise after blindly supporting Israeli and damning Palestinians for half a century, once I investigated the actualities, the real history, and the behavior of the Chosen People toward the actual owners of what they covet. You might profit [or prophet] by reading Jimmy Carter’s book about Israeli apartheid . Gracias, Old Jules.

  5. Hey Jules; my sympathy to you for having offensive opinions. i had a similar experience back a few years with a company out of texas called hostgator. one day i couldn’t get into my blog and was informed i was spreading viruses or some such. wouldn’t pay their guy to fix it so they zipped it to me and i got a fellow to remotely fix it. 20,000 spams (can ya plural spam?) the last blog had been a repost on women’s hygiene products. the kind cowgirls roll their own, you know. seems manufacturers use gmo cotton that soaks up roundup and retains it after being turned into you know what that goes into intimate parts that absorb it. I sent links to my wife and three grown daughters. i think proctor and gamble took offence. or a robot or a nerd working for them or monsanto. 20,000 spams. end of blogging for me.

    On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 12:31 PM, So Far From Heaven wrote:

    > Old Jules posted: ” Three of the past four months I’ve been blocked from > Facebook thirty days at a time with brief intervals between so’s to allow > me the freedom to get blocked again. The what? reason? explanation? > Ah well, the nature of the offenses have been com” >

  6. Hi David. Thanks for the reply. WordPress has a spam guard built-in so I’d have to be interested to find out how many spam comments I get. Back when I became interested briefly I discovered on a normal day there are enough to satisfy most usual purposes. Anyway, I haven’t blogged on anything to upset proctor and gamble I suppose. Just Saudis and Israelis along with the occasional government hack. Gracias, Old Jules

  7. My son freely expresses his opinions on Facebook and has been placed in Facebook “Jail” on several occasions, with posting banned for so many days, then more days, then weeks. Maybe soon it will be permanent. What ever happened to freedom of speech?

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