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Much ado about much ado

Fresh crisis ideas welcome.  No return on empties.

Fresh crisis ideas welcome. No return on empties.

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I see over on Yahoo News I was made a monkey of by my own severely gullible nature, fretting about what the politicoists were pretending they were doing.  Suckered again.  Allowed myself to take them seriously.  Another Gulf of Tonkin, Cuban Missile, Berlin crisis with different stage props and settings.  Veterans in wheel chairs, war monuments, chunky beef-fed cops bullying, threats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding in spreading plague and famine.

But oh gracious gollygee, deep sighs of relief.  Seems they got sudden new ability to come to the kind of agreement allowing them to play the same tune after the short attention spans of the public wander elsewhere.

But sheeze!  Gasoline prices are dropping, and we have a surplus of natural gas.  Price dropping on that, too.  They’ll need to devote their attentions to getting that out onto a marketplace where the prices can be jacked back up.  Buy some new fleets of government vehicles that burn more fuel.  The DEA, Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment, you name it, employees need stretch limosines and a lot of travel to handle this crisis.

Lalalalalalalalala.  And the beat goes on.

Still nobody talking about invading Mexico, though.  And extending the Promised Land to the Panama Canal.  Making all those people Chosen People instead of [those that come north] illegal aliens.

Likely they’ll get around to it when something’s good on television or India and China get into a world-threatening argument about Tibet.  Or they manage to sell some nuclear weapons to Iran and claim it was North Korea done it.

They use Hollywood playwrites and celebrity promoters to figure this stuff out, I figures.

Old Jules