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More for you Bedini-guys

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

It’s almost a shame we humans tend to be such liars, hoaxes and flimflam artists on the one hand, and gullible fools on the other.  Almost a shame, because if we weren’t life would be a lot less entertaining.

And, of course there’s the wild cards in the deck to spice things up.  The wild-assed claims that come along that spang turn out to be legitimate and [at least] seeds opening whole new doors.  

The temptation is to just kneejerk a protective wall, discount it out of hand so’s to be elevated into the position of not being a gullible fool.  And usually we can come out the other end patting ourselves on the back with what savvy SOBs we are.

I’ve been following the Bedini Monopole generator groups for several years on those Yahoo groups, watching hundreds of people going to a lot of trouble to build and test and post their projects sharing their testing and methods with others working on the same goal.  Been following it enough years so I can’t remember when I began doing it.  Hundreds of people spending their not-watching-tv time building mechanisms, machines intended to generate more energy than it required to run them. 

And posting it, sharing it.  On John Bedini group sites.  I’m betting if Bedini’s actually come up with something that works he got a lot of help seeing what all those others were building, testing, changing, testing, throwing aside or changing again.

I hope he’s got it.  Because at the back of it all I always had a faint suspicion John Bedini’s a flimflam man who might just be onto something anyway.

Old Jules

Energy Times Newsletter

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To:  Jack Purcell

Hello Jack,
If you’ve been following John Bedini’s work, you may be familiar with the 14 foot high energizer he was demonstrating at a conference a couple years ago. That machine had a COP of 3.0, which means there was 3 times as much work done compared to what left the input battery.
In front of hundreds of people, this ran all weekend and the front batteries never went down. The output of the machine charge up capacitors with a very tricky circuit that has come to be known as his inverted comparator capacitor discharge circuit.
Many people have wanted access to this circuit so they can use it on their own Bedini SG’s – that moment is finally here!
Get all the details here: http://www.teslachargers.com/bedinisg.html#cap
John is doing a production run on these right now so get yours while you can because we can’t guarantee when the next production run will be. This is probably the most highly anticipated circuit/device in the Free Energy world that people can actually get their hands on besides the Bedini SG.
A & P Electronic Media
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Eric Dollard Interview & Bedini Surprise Release coming…‏

 For you Bedini madmen:

http://lonepinewritings.com – Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard is a compilation of papers written by Eric Dollard and freely posted on Energetic Forum for anyone to read – they have been there for…
Added on 10/15/13

Lone Pine Writings – Eric Dollard Go to YouTube Play video http://lonepinewritings.com – Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard is a compilation of papers written by Eric Dollard and freely posted on Energetic Forum for anyone to read – they have been there for… 00:33:03 Added on 10/15/13 119 views

Hi Jack,

Here are a few updates about Eric Dollard and John Bedini… Eric Dollard Updates Here is a NEW interview with Eric Dollard yesterday about the Lone Pine Writings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh4wKUnoKtw Eric also discusses Glom and the Cosmic Induction Generator. In this video, you can see a few new pictures from Eric’s lab, which were taken a few weeks ago. It shows John Polakowski working on a transmitter for the Cosmic Induction Generator, some pics of the new Glom delivery, etc… make sure to give a thumbs up and share this video with others. Eric’s network is growing and the word is spreading – please join or subscribe to these networks that will have more of Eric’s work released soon. Eric’s Linked In profile

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/eric-dollard/83/1b2/a64 Follow Eric on Twitter https://twitter.com/EricDollard Google Plus Profile: https://plus.google.com/u/0/118409944702063559692/posts Eric’s Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCymBLWJwEn9CmvDqAAGxpgg Video’s will be uploaded to Eric’s YouTube channel very soon…

Please share those links with your friends so we can get the momentum going. More coming soon! John Bedini Updates Day after Tomorrow (Thursday), we’ll be launching a new product from John Bedini. It is in * EXTREME * high demand and we’re finally making it available from Tesla Chargers. Details coming soon. Also, many people have asked us for manuals so they can see how the Bedini Chargers work so we uploaded a zip file (under 9MB) with 7 different manuals. You can get them all here: http://teslachargers.com/manuals/teslachargermanuals.zip If you do not know how to open a zip file, please search Google. Sincerely, A & P Electronic Media & White Dragon Press POB 713, Liberty Lake, WA 99019