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Blacks in Ferguson, MO, emulate Israel rampage of destruction

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

We human beings would be a lot more believable if we weren’t such lying, greedy, opportunistic sneaky creatures.  Some cop in Ferguson, MO, shot himself a young black man the other day, as cops have a way of doing when the wife has a headache or the dog bites them, or the car needs new tires.  And when they do it tends to piss off the black Native Americans who live in the communities where it happens.

Black Native Americans aren’t that different from White Native Americans or Hispanic Native Americans in that regard.  They don’t like people killing their kids just for the amusement it gives them.  If it were the kids of middle-to-upper-middle to upper-class White Native Americans the cop-bosses would be on the shooters like stink on crap if they couldn’t arrange for a throw-down weapon or construe some other excuse for the officer having a bad day.

But Hispanic Native Americans and Black Native Americans only enjoy the privilege of having cops beating their kids to death on pain of having the copshops shaking his hand and congratulating him, mostly.  The copshop attitude toward those matters is generally that if the kid wasn’t doing something at that moment they probably owed him one from sometime they didn’t know about.

Which tends to raise the ire down in the hoods among the family and potential targets for police officer tension management moments.  Down in the hood it’s not difficult to understand some mild frustrations exist as a result of the fact the problem’s lingered so badly, overall.  They’d like to see something done about it.  This time, every time.  They’d legitimately like to see the officer beaten to death, or otherwise treated with reciprocal formality.  Legitimate grievance.

So what the hell do they do?  They smash and loot candy bars and free potatio chips out of the local convenience store.  Owned by people who didn’t have a damned thing to do with killing the kid.  Stand off in the distance and yell, throw rocks.  Stupid.

It’s as though they’re taking lessons from Israel, going on a binge of killing and property theft and destruction directed at people who had nothing to do with firing rockets or kidnapping Israeli kids.  Smash and grab for the property in Palestine they haven’t settled yet with good Israelis.  Stealing candy and potato chips in the form of minerals in the Med off the coast of Gaza.

We human beings are surely sneaky.  But we still have a lot to learn from Israel, and Israel doesn’t learn from anyone, even their own history and the long history of Jews worldwide.  Same as the rest of us they’ve never been guiltless.  But it would be a shame to see Israel screw things up for honest, only  ordinary-level dishonest and greedy Jews elsewhere in the world.  Jews who are behaving the way the rest of us barely believable and secretly greedy non-Jews behave.  Which is about the best anyone could ask for from humans.  But Israel going over the top with it makes everyone look bad in the eyes of people prone to hate Jews anyway.

We’d be a lot more believable, we humans if we weren’t so dishonest.  And greedy.  And mean as snakes.

You’ve got to admit, Israelis and the Black Native Americans down in the worst neighborhoods stealing anything they can get their hands on and mugging anyone weak enough to be mugged, are surprisingly similar.  Both begging for handouts from the US Government, and Israel actually receiving a cumulative $130 billion or so for their efforts, though mostly in weaponry.  Nobody buys guns for anyone in the hood, which is unfair any way you cut it.

Old Jules

Weston, MO and Leavenworth, KS

Gertude Derks Consort of the late Bartholomew Bless - Born March 5, 1824 - Died February 23, 1892 - Requested in peace

Gertude Derks Consort of the late Bartholomew Bless – Born March 5, 1824 – Died February 23, 1892 – Requested in peace

it's cut onto the side of a stone for someone else.  Bart Bless Sr. is nowhere to be found in the vicinity.  However, the son and daughter-in-law, or perhaps grandson, is buried 20-30 feet away.

it’s cut onto the side of a stone for someone else. Bart Bless Sr. is nowhere to be found in the vicinity. However, the son and daughter-in-law, or perhaps grandson, is buried 20-30 feet away.

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

Jeanne’s got spring break from her daytime job this week, and my electronic brain I use for a heart these days is defragmenting.  So Jeanne’s taking this occasion to show me around some KS/MO sightseeing Mecca places.  Likely as not there’ll be all manner of highbrow cultural stuff, but yesterday it was Weston, MO [all of it that didn’t burn down in 1859, or has been built since the town burned down], and Leavenworth, KS.

That tombstone at the top was in the Weston graveyard and said so much about Weston, humanity, the history of the human race, ethics, morals, compassion, and other matters we could have stopped and I’d have used it as a launchpad for this blog entry, waxed poetic and philosophical until I was sated.

But we didn’t stop there.  We went to the overlook in Weston State Park and looked, me breathlessly, at the mighty Missouri River flowing below.  Read the initials carved inside various hearts carved on trees back when the world was young.  Looked at old barns and whatnot.

Then drove across the river to Leavenworth.  Visited the only old timey Army Surplus Store in Christiandom carrying on the tradition of old odors of mildew, ’98 Mauser bolt action rifles, coal scuttle helmets, and clever posters about huns and loose lips sinking ships.

Afterward we drove to the VA Hospital, discovered a 600 acre ghost town of memories of US military veteran aches, pains, and infirmities.  Heck of an interesting place.

By which time I was worn down to a small frazzle.  We didn’t visit the National Cemetery.

But today after she worked half-day on her usually  night job she took me to see the Westport battleground.  Biggest Civil War battlefield west of the Mississippi River.   Covered with houses and large other sorts of buildings built between Appomattox doings and now.

Just driving around that 53 square mile battlefield looking at all the houses wore me down to a small frazzle.

Luckily, tomorrow I’m going in bright and early for another eccocardiogram, chest xrays, blood lab work and something else I can’t remember right now.  At the OTHER VA Medical Center nearby somewhat.  The one that didn’t lose the Spanish American War.

Old Jules