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Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land

photographer John Stanmeyer of the VII Photo Agency as the World Press Photo of the Year 2013. The picture shows African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city at night, raising their phones in an attempt to capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia

Israel doesn’t want Africans living on land they don’t own in neighboring Palestine, even.  Because Africans are just someone else non-Jewish they’ll have to drive off it when they get around to stealing that part.

Israeli settlements in neighboring Palestine don’t allow anyone non-Jewish to live there.

Israel hates Africans because they stink and spread diseases.  It’s becoming clearer every day that what Israelis objected to about the German Holocaust was the fact Jews were the target. If the Germans had gone after blacks or Arabs Israelis would have helped.