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Sheeze – A LITTLER bittier pissanter Russia? Catherine the Great and John Paul Jones reverse cowboy style replayed

See readers, there you are.  I haven’t even barely just wrapped my atrophied mind around the USSR spang being a little bitty pissant place but what damned if it doesn’t threaten to get smaller.

And naturally it’s worrying the bejesus out of the same people who used to fret and chew their fingernails about it being the WHEW great big old USSR.  And then the ones who discovered they were scared crapless of it when it was little bitty.

So now, nobody less than the freaking Heritage Foundation’s running around in increasingly small circles because Oh shit oh dear it might get even smaller.

But you gotta remember these are the same people who fret over the threat North freaking Korea is to the peace and dignity of the United States.  And the threat Iran is to the United States.  And the ugly threat Syria is to the United States.

I’m thinking the whole damned thing is an effort to keep the Chosen People from recognizing the obvious fact we need to invade Mexico, soonest.  Then wossname, Guatamala.  And anything else that gets in the way between there and the Panama Canal.

Russia?  Haaaa!  Russia’s never done anything for the US besides Catherine the Great fornicating with famous US sailor sailor John Paul Jones reverse cowboy style.  It’s all been downhill since then.  Unless we can find another John Paul Jones to send over there what the hell does a little bitty pissant Russia have to do with anything?

Old Jules