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Personal lessons learned from the 20th Century

Hi readers.  This is mainly advice for my progeny, though I don’t have any progeny.

  1. Don’t live in places where the ruling individual is called, “strong man”.
  2. Don’t live in places where the governing body is called, “ruling Junta”.
  3. In places where the police enjoy broad discretionary powers including making people disappear avoid situations they might see as confrontational or provocative.  Avoid trying to explain your viewpoint to them.  Especially after they’ve disappeared you.
  4. Stay out of groups protesting the activities of right wing death squads.
  5. Avoid situations requiring mastery of the local language to communicate  the phrase, “I demand to contact the US Embassy.”
  6. If you believe you need to contact the US Embassy try to escape immediately.  Never mind the US Embassy. 
  7. Don’t volunteer for anything.

I’ve never done most of these things and I’ve survived thus far.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Old Jules