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Russian strong man thumbs nose at US strong man

russian fighter

Military experts from Russia detailing Russian aircraft. Civilian on right would like to take it around the patch for a few touch-and-gos, but wonders if they’d mind cleaning the missiles off the pitot tube on the nose beforehand.


Hi readers.  You figure it out.  The Russian strong man, according to Yahoo News, thumbed his nose at the US strong man and he’s sending high tech support to Russian supported freedom fighters instead of US supported freedom fighters.

I’m figuring that aircraft in the picture is one of their freedom fighters.  About what you’d expect from the country with that particular guy for a strong man.  If those Rooskies want to get serious supporting freedom fighters they need to talk some big bucks.  Trillions, or they don’t have a prayer.

But hell, they call soccer football.  What the hell do you expect?

Old Jules