Note from Admin:

Hello blog readers,
I’m mandala56 here on WordPress, and I’m assisting Old Jules with this blog. I’m the one responsible for the appearance of the blog, editing and scheduling posts, and making changes we think might be helpful.
Today’s change is a special page at the top of the navigation bar for all posts similar to the one today narrating Old Jules’ y2k story. From now on, any y2k installments will be found under that heading, newest on the top, unless I figure out a better way of organizing them. Old Jules will make a note of a new entry in that page in his regular blog post so anyone interested in the updates will know where to look.
Meanwhile, if you have any comments about the appearance of the blog so far, my contact information is listed under the “Admin.” page at the top, and I would be happy to receive feedback. Learning WordPress is a huge undertaking and I’m willing to keep learning more about my options.
Until the next update,

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