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Weekend Note from Admin.

Labor Day weekend greetings from Admin:

I thought since it’s a holiday weekend, most people will be out and away from their computers, and  it might be a  good time for  me to  insert a couple of comments about the blog.

First, an apology to the subscribers who have on at least two occasions received notice that a new post had been published, and then found that it was unavailable. I take responsibility for that mistake–when I’m proofreading,  I sometimes get so distracted with Old Jules’ scintillating wit that on occasion I hit “publish” instead of “preview” or “save draft”.  You’d think that someone in charge of the details  would be more careful, especially after the first time, but… it happened again today.  So, I’m sorry for the carelessness.

Second, Facebook users might want to know that So Far From Heaven: Old Jules has a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/So-Far-From-Heaven-Old-Jules/123855484372872 in spite of the fact that Old Jules himself doesn’t have a fast enough connection to view it.

I’m posting a feature called “Ask Old Jules. ” On an irregular basis, I put up previous material from Old Jules in a question/answer format, and you’re welcome to post questions on the wall as well.  When a question is posted, I forward it to him and post the reply when I receive it.

As usual, if anyone has a comment or suggestion about the blog’s appearance or features, you are welcome to email me at the address found on the Admin. page on the navigation bar.

The above image is one of my gel pen drawings. It’s what I do when I’m not  working or laughing at Old Jules’ stories.

Have a good holiday weekend!

Ozark Mountain Daredevils – You Made It Right live 1976