Exciting Project for Parting

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I trekked up to Gale’s yesterday for a while to talk wind and see whether his face had gotten over the baboon butt similarity it had the previous week.  He had a good photo of it during the worst stage I begged him to allow me to post for you, but his refusal didn’t appear to leave it open for discussion.

But he told me about a project I’m feeling uppidy about working on during the year.  This place has been overgrazed, probably since the invention of barbed wire, and it shows.  I’ve thought from the time I arrived here I’d like to do some cheap but time consuming erosion control, but it never had a priority.

Seems to keep his agricultural tax exemption on the land, though, Gale could go back to having three cows fighting over every blade of grass in the traditional Texas fashion, or he could switch to wildlife management.  He had a lady from Texas Parks and Wildlife out here going over the place with him the other day helping devise a plan to submit to the County.

Assuming it gets accepted, I’m figuring something I learned in one of my professions, at least, will finally get put to some worthy use.  Between now and my departure from here I’ll have rock and brush dams collecting water and soil into every channel on the place.

I truly love erosion control, but it had slipped my mind how much.  I hate to admit the urge to dance naked in the meadow celebrating.

Old Jules


10 responses to “Exciting Project for Parting

  1. Dance naked. It will free your mind.

  2. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

    • Hi DizzyDick: The detailed watershed management plan is something to be worked up if the County approves the concept. Plenty of time for it to come together afterward, though. Thanks for the visit. Jules

  3. That’s what my front yard is missing – a biplane.

  4. Dancing naked in the meadow? Something you do often? No wonder you like to live away from noisy neighbours.

  5. Anywhere near here, dancing naked when it’s warm enough to enjoy it would mean a whole mess of ticks and chiggers on some tender places. It would have to something awfully good to justify that.

    • Good morning Ed. I’m obliged you visited. My chickens keep the ticks and chiggers generally under control. Cactus can be a challenge, though. Gracias, J

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