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Bad News for Psychiatrists


The bottom oven-mitten is your brain if you’re not on drugs.  The top oven mitten is your brain if you are on drugs.

A cheap antibiotic normally prescribed to teenagers for acne is to be tested as a treatment to alleviate the symptoms of psychosis in patients with schizophrenia, in a trial that could advance scientific understanding of the causes of mental illness.

Scientists believe that schizophrenia and other mental illnesses including depression and Alzheimer’s disease may result from inflammatory processes in the brain. Minocycline has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects which they believe could account for the positive findings.

The first account of minocycline’s effects appeared in 2007 when a 23-year-old Japanese man was admitted to hospital suffering from persecutory delusions and paranoid ideas. He had no previous psychiatric history but became agitated and suffered auditory hallucinations, anxiety and insomnia.

Blood tests and brain scans showed no abnormality and he was started on the powerful anti-psychotic drug halperidol. The treatment had no effect and he was still suffering from psychotic symptoms a week later when he developed severe pneumonia.

He was prescribed minocycline to treat the pneumonia and within two weeks the infection was cleared and the psychosis resolved. Minocycline was stopped and his psychiatric symptoms worsened. Treatment with the drug was resumed and within three days he was better again. Halperidol was reduced but he remained on minocycline. Two years after his psychotic episode, he was still well.


The article describes at length how and where the tests on patients are going on all over the world. 

But Mad Scientists, meanwhile, have another alternative.  If you’ve been noticing you are crazy, you can order some of the stuff online from India.  A lot cheaper than if a Medico wrote it down on a slip and you trucked to a drugstore for a bottle.  And do your own scientific testing.

Or you could just make up some colloidal silver and take an eyedropper-full of it every day.  Which is how I keep me and the cats and chickens free of insanity.  


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