Bad News for Psychiatrists


The bottom oven-mitten is your brain if you’re not on drugs.  The top oven mitten is your brain if you are on drugs.

A cheap antibiotic normally prescribed to teenagers for acne is to be tested as a treatment to alleviate the symptoms of psychosis in patients with schizophrenia, in a trial that could advance scientific understanding of the causes of mental illness.

Scientists believe that schizophrenia and other mental illnesses including depression and Alzheimer’s disease may result from inflammatory processes in the brain. Minocycline has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects which they believe could account for the positive findings.

The first account of minocycline’s effects appeared in 2007 when a 23-year-old Japanese man was admitted to hospital suffering from persecutory delusions and paranoid ideas. He had no previous psychiatric history but became agitated and suffered auditory hallucinations, anxiety and insomnia.

Blood tests and brain scans showed no abnormality and he was started on the powerful anti-psychotic drug halperidol. The treatment had no effect and he was still suffering from psychotic symptoms a week later when he developed severe pneumonia.

He was prescribed minocycline to treat the pneumonia and within two weeks the infection was cleared and the psychosis resolved. Minocycline was stopped and his psychiatric symptoms worsened. Treatment with the drug was resumed and within three days he was better again. Halperidol was reduced but he remained on minocycline. Two years after his psychotic episode, he was still well.

The article describes at length how and where the tests on patients are going on all over the world. 

But Mad Scientists, meanwhile, have another alternative.  If you’ve been noticing you are crazy, you can order some of the stuff online from India.  A lot cheaper than if a Medico wrote it down on a slip and you trucked to a drugstore for a bottle.  And do your own scientific testing.

Or you could just make up some colloidal silver and take an eyedropper-full of it every day.  Which is how I keep me and the cats and chickens free of insanity.  


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20 responses to “Bad News for Psychiatrists

  1. I read about this It–the antibiotic–will be tested over tne next year. The way I think about MI is sort of the way I think about cancer (and this wasn’t an original thought). There is an inflammation, but (like cancer) it could have genetic roots or viral or environmental (toxins). It you inherit a “bad” gene your likelihood of getting a particular illness goes up. If you smoke or have been exposed to asbestos, the likelihood also goes up. In effect, there may be a mix of the two. I think scientists call it epigenetics. I have to look uo “colloidal silver.” I never heard of that.

    • Hi waywardweed: I don’t go to doctors, so I usually don’t pay much mind to what’s going on with medical science. But I do buy a couple of meds from India, one for high blood pressure, the other being omephrazel, which I’ve been on from the time is was experimental in the US in 1983. Not to suggest any of this is germane to mental illness issues. But I had a lady friend [the one described in the ROMANCE tab] who was being poisoned something awful by medicos treating and not succeeding with her rheumatoid arthritis. She began treating it herself with small doses of tetracycline every day and reversed her symptoms, got spang free of her RA and the poisons they were giving her.

      I’m personally comfortable with people treating themselves, though I’m not evangelical about it. As for colloidal silver, there’s a post here about how to make it.

      Thanks for coming by. J

  2. apocalypseicons

    I have also given up seeing doctors as they have prescribed and classified me over the years with all kinds of things that I simply do not suffer from. After throwing the last prescription in the bin nearly two years ago I have been healthy for the first time in nearly thirty years.

    • apocalypseicons: I’ve found it’s also cheaper. Besides having the advantage of not being around medicos. Here’s wishing you the health as you wish it. gracias, J

  3. I’m reading a book right now called The Inflammation Syndrome by Jack Challen. It has a lot of information about inflammatory foods and gives a nice overview of the dangers of various medications. It has recommended diet and supplement suggestions for every inflammation-related disease. I’m having to reconfigure my diet and lengthen the list of supplements that I take, and this book is extremely helpful.

  4. I just read an article in Harper’s (Steve Hendricks-Starving Your Way to Vigor) that promotes fasting, which is FREE, for a number of illnesses and ailments, high blood pressure among them. I used to fast periodically and had forgotten the restorative qualities of fasting.

  5. There was an article on the news about Doctors pushing the latest version of drugs onto patients and they would get a kick back of some sort. These statin drugs could do more harm than good from what I understood.

    Years ago I had went to the Doctor for an injury and had pain and inflammation, the Doctor prescribed Vioxx. Upon my return to the Doctors office I explained to the Doctor how I was having pains in my upper left chest and that Vioxx was causing other problems for me, the Doctor insisted I continue to take Vioxx after many visits I told the Doctor I would be going to another Doctor because I could no longer take Vioxx because of all of the side effects.

    I found another Doctor and switched medications and no longer took Vioxx which turned out later to be killing patients or causing strokes etc.

    All of the Doctors patients were taking Vioxx according to him. I’m looking for natural remedies over the artificial medications. That’s interesting about Schizophrenia I hope they do find a treatment to help those suffering. Thanks for this blog.

  6. colloidal silver — one of my favorites. Great information.

  7. Use colloidal silver quite often myself for many things including sore throat plus healing cuts and scrapes. It has no side effects when taken in regular dosage. Keep the natural healing ideas coming! Try my best to stay away from the medical world. Thanks!

    • Hi Gypsy Bev: Thanks for coming by. I make the stuff by the gallon, strong enough so’s it’s foggy. Over the years it’s been coincident with me and the animals having a lot of non-happenings health-wise, and there are a couple of cats walking around here today I believe wouldn’t be if it weren’t for colloidal silver. But I’m not evangelical about it. Gracias, Jules

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  9. Thanks for the reminder of how much colloidal silver has helped me on several occasions. Wish I had remembered it when one of my hens was sick. Maybe she would still be among the living. A health food store where I bought it charged about $20.00 for either 8 or 16 ounces. Certainly better than the prices quoted here. Thanks again.

  10. I had a friend try colloidal silver. It made her very ill – she was allergic to it. But I love that monocycline idea. Decades ago, I saw a study that showed massive doses of vitamin B complex would alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia. It’s the simple fixes that work the best.

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