Making Your Own Colloidal Silver – Almost Free

For those who use colloidal silver as an antibiotic for themselves or pets, but who haven’t yet discovered how to avoid bankruptcy buying it from health product stores:

This 4 fluid oz bottle was purchased in 1995 at a cost of $23.49 from a health product store.  I’d hate to even speculate what it would cost today.

By using the method illustrated in the first picture you can turn out a gallon of stronger solution for a fraction of a penny.  Just be sure you use unalloyed silver.  Not Sterling. 

Old Jules

13 responses to “Making Your Own Colloidal Silver – Almost Free

  1. I just take the .999 wire and wrap a piece around each terminal of a 9 volt battery and bend the pieces down into the water.
    I find that hot tap water works fastest.
    Shake the bottle before you take any.
    I sprinkle it from a bottle with a pull-up tab over my cat’s food. He’s diabetic and is prone to urinary tract infections, but he hasn’t had one since I’ve started giving him this.

    • Thanks Jeanne. Naturally you’re not making any claims it was the colloidal silver kept him from getting urinary infections, nor offering advice to anyone in any way as to whether, nor how it should be used. Same as I’m not. Nor are my chickens, Hydrox, Niaid, Tabby and Shiva, though they all believe there would be fewer of them were it not for the coincidence of my having dosed them up with it when they happened to look like dying. Just wanted to clarify that part about the advice thing, recommendation thing, etc. Old Jules

  2. Current rate is about $30 at my buddy’s drug store.

  3. At my buddy’s drug store it’s around $30 for 4 oz.

  4. And I thought I was the only one left that uses colloidal silver. Cool!!!!

  5. That’s interesting and very doable. How long do you let it “cook”?

    • Hi Steve. I generally just use a battery charger on it, go off and forget it half-hour, check and if the solution is cloudy, it’s okay. Strong solution’s what I’m after. Gracias, Jules

  6. I went to a Native American jewelry supply store for the silver, and when I asked for it the guy said “Oh, you making colloidal silver? That stuff is the best!”


    Pretty detailed versions here….either DC or AC, but it fries my pea brain to even try the AC version.
    Thanks Jules.

  8. Thanks for the link Bill. The writer of the blog and I wouldn’t agree on the need for the complexity, but I’m not evangelical about mine. Gale, up the hill, makes his using an electroplating machine. I make mine using a 12 volt battery [automotive] charger usually, though I’ve used the 9 volt battery pictured on the blog entry. Jeanne explained on an earlier comment how she makes hers. If others prefer something more complicated I’ve no reason to wish them to do otherwise. Gracias, Jules

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