25 Cent Thrift Store Book Haul October 23

Greg Bear – Queen of Angels

Greg Bear – Tangents

I was impressed enough by what Greg Bear demonstrated as capabilities and craftsmanship in the earlier novel mentioned on this blog to give him another read or two.


Henry Williamson – Tarka the Otter

Jeanne’s sold me on the enjoyment and curiosity sometimes to be found in young adult books.  When I see one for a quarter I’ll often snag it.  Never heard of Henry Williamson as far as I can recall.


Alan Dean Foster – End of the Matter

I’ve read a lot of Foster’s works over the years and remember not a single one.  I expect a 2 hour distraction/read from this one.


Bruce Catton – Stillness at Appromattox

It’s been at least a decade since I read this.  Time for a recycle.


Sister Carie Anne O’Harie – Murder Makes a Pilgrimage

I don’t know how the hell this one sneaked into my purchases.  I don’t expect much from it, but I’ll try a chapter or two.  Never heard of the author.


S.L. Rottman – Hero

Appears to be another young adult tome.  Never heard of the author.


Douglas C. Jones – The Search for Temperance Moon

No idea.  Pot luck.  Bought it because something about it reminded me of the 1960s move, The Searchers.  Lots of pages.  Probably 3, maybe 4 hours of reading if it turns out okay.


C. A. Mobley – Rites of War

Looks to be another of a thousand other pot boilers with the same plots, characters, settings.  Plenty of pages though.

2 responses to “25 Cent Thrift Store Book Haul October 23

  1. That’s a good haul. At that price you can afford to take a gamble. Trawling through used-book bins in thrift stores (or op shops – opportunity shops – as we call them over here) is a pleasure that never fades.

    • Hi Goat. Yep, a quarter for last year best sellers doesn’t get down far enough to reach the value of most of them, but picking through allows enough culling to find some jewels. Gracias, Jules

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