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25 Cent Thrift Store Book Haul October 23

Greg Bear – Queen of Angels

Greg Bear – Tangents

I was impressed enough by what Greg Bear demonstrated as capabilities and craftsmanship in the earlier novel mentioned on this blog to give him another read or two.


Henry Williamson – Tarka the Otter

Jeanne’s sold me on the enjoyment and curiosity sometimes to be found in young adult books.  When I see one for a quarter I’ll often snag it.  Never heard of Henry Williamson as far as I can recall.


Alan Dean Foster – End of the Matter

I’ve read a lot of Foster’s works over the years and remember not a single one.  I expect a 2 hour distraction/read from this one.


Bruce Catton – Stillness at Appromattox

It’s been at least a decade since I read this.  Time for a recycle.


Sister Carie Anne O’Harie – Murder Makes a Pilgrimage

I don’t know how the hell this one sneaked into my purchases.  I don’t expect much from it, but I’ll try a chapter or two.  Never heard of the author.


S.L. Rottman – Hero

Appears to be another young adult tome.  Never heard of the author.


Douglas C. Jones – The Search for Temperance Moon

No idea.  Pot luck.  Bought it because something about it reminded me of the 1960s move, The Searchers.  Lots of pages.  Probably 3, maybe 4 hours of reading if it turns out okay.


C. A. Mobley – Rites of War

Looks to be another of a thousand other pot boilers with the same plots, characters, settings.  Plenty of pages though.