“Science” Bringing Order Out of the Chaos

Scientists proposed the device as a way to control meetings, ensuring people take turns to speak.  

Scientists create ‘gun’ that disrupts speech


Japanese scientists with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology claimed this week that they have developed a novel new weapon by combining two specialized technologies in such a way that they are now capable of rendering someone unable to speak.

While it’s not technically a weapon, their “portable speech-jamming gun” could certainly be used as one, especially against political leaders or others who speak to large audiences for a living.

Combining a directional microphone and a directional speaker, the “Speechjammer” records and quickly plays back whatever words someone is uttering, making it very difficult for the speaker to focus on what words come next. The effect is called “artificial stuttering.”


Golly gee!  A new sponsor for the Ditto Rush Syndrome played fast forward and backward.

Old Jules


16 responses to ““Science” Bringing Order Out of the Chaos

  1. One of those should be issued to every politician.

    • DizzyDick: Mebeso. On the other hand, televisions, radios and the like come with a plug, or a button that allows them to be turned of. At least they used to when I had some around to examine. Gracias, Jules

    • Haha, good one. I was actually thinking along the very same lines. Odd thing to invent, come to think of it…

      • Hala J: I suppose the inventing bidness has to find cracks and holes in whatever’s not already invented, along with what somebody’s willing to buy. Gracias, J

  2. Now that could really start some riots!

  3. I think they practiced their science on my phone. I get that repeating everything I said thing every once and a while and it really does make you want to end the call immediately.

  4. Wow … I thought the FCC’s seven second delay was bad! Very very interesting 😉 As always, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ann. Grateful you came by. I wasn’t aware of the FCC seven second delay. I’m still not aware of it, as nearly as I can figure. Gracias, J

      • LOL Should’ve said … the FCC “and the” seven second delay… I started to say something else then changed mid stream. That’s how easily rumors get started. 😉 Sorry!

  5. wow. from where i can get it? 😉

  6. hehehe… thanks for informing me Jules. 🙂

  7. Yes I can see this would be a very useful tool – but I’m not like that anymore

    • earthstonestation: Glad you came by for a read. I suppose if each of us was issued one as a rite of passage when we turned 18 there’d be some changes in a lot of ways. Gracias, J

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