Pardon Me, Roy, . . .

Roy Rogers had a new pair of boots made for him by the best bootmaker in California.  But it was raining when he got back to the ranch and they got muddy on the way to the porch, so he took them off and left them there on the steps.  Later, when he came out to clean them he found they’d been ripped to shreds by a bobcat. 

Roy took his good dog Bullet, hopped on Trigger and went after that cat with a rifle.  In a while he rode back to the ranchhouse with a bobcat draped across his saddle.  Dale Evans came out on the porch, sang:

“Pardon me, Roy,

Is that the cat-that-chewja new shoes?” 

To the tune of the song below.


Old Jules

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4 responses to “Pardon Me, Roy, . . .

  1. Haaa! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. Lovely memory. Dang blast it! Sometimes the past feels more comfortable—better—than now. You have to admit, there was more BITE to EVERYthing back then. More depth / involvement / perFECtion.
    Of course, like a first love or a recently departed spouse, memory suddenly resembled the perfection no person h/she ever was. Ditto music and old tried and true heros.

    This NOT a rant. Dale Evans and Roy Rogers made me do it.


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