Sorting Through Eternities

Previously blogged a few years ago:

After the post a few days ago about the meaning of life I found myself pondering a number of things about how most of humanity relates to the subject.  The great majority of folks in the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world believe they know how to get by with doing some heavy-duty ugly during this lifetime and still end up somewhere good.  Assuming they tip their hats regularly to a diety carefully tailored to forgive them their breadcrumb sins.  It’s the hat-tipping, after all, that’s important.

On the other hand, that same body of humanity’s prone to take a lot of satisfaction knowing the people who didn’t tip their hats right have a tough row to hoe.  Many engage in firefights of advance “I told you so!” insofar as how bad those who didn’t believe them are going to wish they did.

It’s not something I need worry myself about, but sometimes my mind drifts there anyway, imagining what it would be like in an Eternity surrounded by the sort of people who spent their lives absorbed in hat-tipping with one hand, and selling used cars with the other.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Sorting Through Eternities

  1. I loved the title. Will humanity ever evolve enough to balance compassion on one shoulder and wisdom on the other? That is the question.

  2. I so hear what you are saying about Christianity, but anyone who really knows their Bible knows that hat-tipping is not what it is about. Sure God can forgive any sin, but if your faith is nothing but hat-tipping it’s not going to do you much good. Real Christianity is about living your faith, not taking it out to wave around when it’s convenient.

  3. Good post, Jules. It is the “hat-tippers” and self appointed “holiness ones” with their hands out for money that bring shame to name religion.

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