The Great Divide Separating the Two Political Parties

Party #1

Party #2

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.  Some of you might have noticed the lady who administers this blog hasn’t been around for several days.  Fact is, she’s taken off from her two jobs in Olathe, KS, gone on a road trip. 

I asked her on the phone before she left to watch for bumper stickers during her travels.  This dearth of bumper stickers in Texas during a major election year has me puzzled and I’m wondering if it’s happening everywhere.

Last I heard from her about it, she’d gone from Olathe, KS, to Tucumcari, New Mexico without seeing a single bumper sticker.  Something unprecedented in my experience and observation.

Maybe people have just lost track of the abyss separating the two major parties in the US.  Maybe they’ve noticed, no matter which party they vote for, it always turns out the same no matter which one’s elected.

This has to be a big blow to the bumper sticker industry, which might be the only industry left on US soil.  Something needs to be done quickly to save the situation, and I’m going to do my patriotic duty to try to help.

Since there’s not a nickle’s worth of spit other than rhetoric separating the two parties, it’s time to get what difference there is out where people can see and understand it.

So here I am, doing my tiny part to help it along.

Old Jules

7 responses to “The Great Divide Separating the Two Political Parties

  1. Knute Rockne for president!!! Now tell me, how could a poor boy ever get elected president.

    • DizzyDick: By selling out to someone rich enough to buy the office and use him for a lapdog, I reckons. Hiding his newly acquired assets long enough to be acknowledged as a poor boy king. Probably other ways, different nuances, but boiled down and scraped off the bottom of the pot it would still rhyme with the first line. But I don’t know who Knute Rockne is, so I’m at a disadvantage. J

  2. I haven’t applied bumper stickers ever since car makers stopped using real bumpers. The painted bumper covers don’t handle adhesives very well.

  3. What I saw must have been a homemade sticker of some sort. Picture of a buzzard with one red wing, one blue. Caption: “Two wings, one flight plan.”

  4. The Good Luck Duck

    Howard Zinn would have approved.

  5. Just like the UK, Labour supposedly for the working man and trade unions, run by privately educated lawyers who went to Oxford, Camridge or Edinburgh in the pocket of corporate business and Rupert Murdoch, Torys, the party of the rich, privately educated lawyers who all were all in the same class at Eton and then Oxford in the pocket of corporate business and Rupert Murdoch. One wag even said “David Cameron called a cabinet meeting or as he liked to call them class reunions”

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