TimeWarp Jokes

Being a person left behind by the passage of time probably leaves me out of sync with understandable concepts of humor.  Or maybe mine was always too oblique to find the intended targets.  Maybe that’s why Playboy never bought any of my limericks.

Fact is, I still occasionally chuckle over two jokes I first heard half-century ago.

1]  A guy walked into a blacksmith shop where the blacksmith was pounding out horseshoes, the one he was working on glowing orange.  While he waited, the customer noticed a horseshoe that had cooled just enough so’s it was no longer glowing.  He picked it up and immediately flang it at the wall.

Blacksmith looked up grinning.  “That wasn’t hot, was it?”

No.  It just doesn’t take me long to look at a horseshoe.”

2]  Guy sticks his head into a barbershop.  “Bob Peters here?”

Barber frowns.  “Nooo. We just cut hair here.”

Old Jules

5 responses to “TimeWarp Jokes

  1. I did enjoy the second joke. Laughed out loud.

  2. LOL. Humor like the family I married into. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks. Blessings.

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