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The Trekster Saga Continues

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I won’t bore you with the details of preparations for the road, mostly.  Suffice to say it’s coming along gradually without tipping its hat to any deadlines and schedules I might attempt to impose.  I came to realize a few days ago I don’t have any alligators gnawing on my pantsleg to hurryhurryhurry, anyway.

So I’ll get on the road more-or-less soon, but not quite so soon as I’d told myself I will.  Which is okay by the cats and the Coincidence Coordinators as nearly as I can discern.

Shiva the Cow Cat opted out of the future with the other cats and me.  Refused to be cajoled into getting laid back about the RV, willingly adapt to it and think of it as a source of pleasurable quality time.  I finally decided I wouldn’t insist.

Jeanne’s son, Michael, drove down from Kansas and spent a couple of days I wouldn’t have missed for anything I can think of, then departed with Shiva.  Took her back to reside with Jeanne.

Second night he was here we were sitting outdoors talking and he pointed north.  “What the hell is that?”

We watched and gasped and wondered while a UFO performed impossibilities in the sky for a while.  Nice gift the Coincidence Coordinators provided to top off his visit.  Something to remember alongside Shiva’s departure.

Damn I’m going to miss that cat.  What the hell.

Otherwise, what the hell on everything else that needs it to balance things out, also.

Old Jules

Interlude in posting

Thanks for the visits folks.  Long hard days on the RV here, trying to get me and the cats something that will go all the way down the road.  Blown tires, support springs, damages, unanticipated other are dominating my life at the moment.

helper springs

helper springs

helper springs


trailer 2

exhaust damage

I’m obliged to all of you for coming by.

My current plan is to try getting out to West Texas on a trial run before November 1, establish something that rhymes with an address somewhere out there for various legal purposes, then come back and wrap whatever’s left to be done up.

After that it will be catch as catch can online, depending on imponderables.

The cats send their regards to all of you.

Old Jules