Interlude in posting

Thanks for the visits folks.  Long hard days on the RV here, trying to get me and the cats something that will go all the way down the road.  Blown tires, support springs, damages, unanticipated other are dominating my life at the moment.

helper springs

helper springs

helper springs


trailer 2

exhaust damage

I’m obliged to all of you for coming by.

My current plan is to try getting out to West Texas on a trial run before November 1, establish something that rhymes with an address somewhere out there for various legal purposes, then come back and wrap whatever’s left to be done up.

After that it will be catch as catch can online, depending on imponderables.

The cats send their regards to all of you.

Old Jules

22 responses to “Interlude in posting

  1. Jules, I wish you all the best and hope you get your scrappy hardware into shape before the snows cover them up.
    Fred (squarewheeljockey)

  2. Wow, blue helper springs. I had a pair of orange helpers on my old Buick Invicta many moons ago. Keep on keeping your priorities right.

  3. Jules, Best wishes to you and the cats with your new adventure. Please do continue here with your idiosyncratic wit, wisdom and incite whenever possible as I seem to have developed an addiction to it…maybe just a dependency. Sort of a homeopathic tonic for the synaptic hurricane betwixt my own ears.

  4. I stopped in to post my monthly stuff and thought I’d stop by and see what your upto “Looks like a lot” Keep shareing your gift as you go. Take care

  5. Enjoy the journey, life is never about arriving. Kristin.

  6. I am so happy to see a post. Please give my best regards to the cats.

  7. If travel broadens the mind – and I believe it does which is why I keep travelling!! – look forward to many more words of wisdom from your new domain when you get settled.

  8. At least you know how to do your own repairs. Best of luck with the repairs and your journey to West Texas.

  9. we’ll miss you when the imponderables interrupt your blogging!

  10. Goood luck! I’ll keep looking in on you here and over on CRL!

  11. Glad to know your project is moving forward. You’re one brave soul to even be thinking about hitting the road at this time of year.

    BTW: I know you have priorities, but we worry when you stay away too long. Stay in touch…

  12. Sounds like you’ve been as busy as me. Just doing different things. Safe travels and blessings. Do keep us posted as often as you can.

  13. Definitely not a chick site is it, all that metal stuff and equipment.

    Wish you, the cats, chickens all a happy safe journey.

  14. Wishing you good luck every day.

  15. Sometimes a person has got to do what’s gotta be done. Have a safe trip.

  16. The Good Luck Duck

    I got panicky, realizing you hadn’t rolled into the blogroll in a while. Glad to hear you’re still impondering the big things.

  17. Imponderables.. have fun! I think you will.. maybe you should drag a magnet behind you to collect the bits that fall off, just a thought.. c

  18. I hope the repairs go well!

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