The Trekster Saga Continues

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I won’t bore you with the details of preparations for the road, mostly.  Suffice to say it’s coming along gradually without tipping its hat to any deadlines and schedules I might attempt to impose.  I came to realize a few days ago I don’t have any alligators gnawing on my pantsleg to hurryhurryhurry, anyway.

So I’ll get on the road more-or-less soon, but not quite so soon as I’d told myself I will.  Which is okay by the cats and the Coincidence Coordinators as nearly as I can discern.

Shiva the Cow Cat opted out of the future with the other cats and me.  Refused to be cajoled into getting laid back about the RV, willingly adapt to it and think of it as a source of pleasurable quality time.  I finally decided I wouldn’t insist.

Jeanne’s son, Michael, drove down from Kansas and spent a couple of days I wouldn’t have missed for anything I can think of, then departed with Shiva.  Took her back to reside with Jeanne.

Second night he was here we were sitting outdoors talking and he pointed north.  “What the hell is that?”

We watched and gasped and wondered while a UFO performed impossibilities in the sky for a while.  Nice gift the Coincidence Coordinators provided to top off his visit.  Something to remember alongside Shiva’s departure.

Damn I’m going to miss that cat.  What the hell.

Otherwise, what the hell on everything else that needs it to balance things out, also.

Old Jules

25 responses to “The Trekster Saga Continues

  1. Sorry about Shiva. Perhaps if you offer a sacrifice, he may reconsider. Glad to have you back. Wesley

  2. There are times when Oh What The Hell is the only response .. c

  3. Have you given your road ship a nickname?

  4. For what it’s worth, Shiva seems to be adjusting as well as we could hope for. She made a beeline for the far side of the underneath of the clawfoot bathtub and has made that her hangout. She’s used the litterbox and eaten a lot. She came out and sniffed my finger a time or two, but objected to being held (typical). She explored the living room while my cat was outside.
    However, when they were formally introduced, there was growling, hissing, and spitting from my cat, so they are separated while I’m at work.

  5. Everything in its time. Meanwhile, visits from the star people to encourage and entertain is a nice way to move into whatever’s next.

    • Teresa Evangeline: Good seeing you. As for the star folk, I’m withholding judgement. If they’d prefer to do their business behind my back it’s okay by me. Gracias, J

  6. You have a great trip!

  7. Would have liked to see the display in the sky. No doubt something to remember. Good to hear from you. Maybe being where you are until after the election is not a bad thing. We still don’t know what is going to happen there, just speculations. Blessings.

  8. Glad you are doing well. Miss your daily posts. Take care and good luck to you. God bless

    • Thanks Ray’s Mom. With a minimum of interference from the Coincidence Coordinators I’ll be posting from somewhere west of here before the sky gets much colder. Gracias, J

  9. Wish I could have seen the UFO performance!

  10. Too bad about Shiva. . . Happy trails.

    • LCTC!: Jeanne tells me she’s doing great, is becoming a fixture. Can’t tell you the relief I feel, along with a pang of something about her being fickle. Gracias, J

  11. I love cats, it would have been hard to let Shiva go, lost two precious cats one week from each other in hot hot July, it nearly drove me to drink hard liquor..I had to see someone for my grief, now we have one inside and mostly one inside/outside that I adore, my hubby even got very upsett digging the grave sites, my neighbors helped the ground was like concrete and I was crying so hard I could no help much, my neighbor a buddhist at heart did it all and prayed for felines who crossed the rainbow bridges, one almost 19 the other near 17 both sweet animals..but no more kitteh cats, when these two depart our earth for the rainbow bridge I will only volunteer at a no kill shelter for both cats and dogs and that will be it, it tore my heart out, sweet kittehs, I had to feed with tiny baby bottles formula to keep alive and strap one on my chest to keep from crying tiny little cries, she really bloomed and I favored her sweet Sophie and our prince Bailey someone put him in our big mailbox and he was a pistol but got beat up all the time, finally our daughter strapped him in a baby carrier and walked him everywhere he was fine with that, he went out to do his duty and pounced right back into the home, they are gone now, I had to throw out all their toys I could not bear to see them, made donations of food and baby blankies oto the no kill shelter I volunteer they were like children to me and I cannot take to have my heart broken by the deaths of anymore animals..Keep truckin and I am praying everything goes good for you, you have a peaceful kind soul..ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. When I movee across this great land in my handpainted olds ( Starblazer) my heart was heavy ieaving loved ones a girlfriend , cat and bird, but what was even worse was the spirit of freedom had been taken from the land of my youth. It was so heavy by the time I reached Tao.s I had to spend 14 days in the hospital but I continued on I reached Oregon and found I really couldn’t stay where I had thought I would, but you really can’t throw off a life so slowly I’ve drawn it back to me .America is made up of many thought forms I hope you find one that will give you peace and stability.

  13. You have a genuine, original way wth words sir. 🙂
    Glad to hear Shiva has settled in. Once a cat has a place hide away, food and a litter box, all that remains is time and affection.

  14. What a great blog you have here. Impressive as…Gregorian chants, perhaps? Next stop: City of Rocks. Thank you.

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