Decided to kick

At least if I can.

This morning my blood pressure was 107/76, pulse 71 when I was about to take the pill some sawbones prescribed for me back in 1993.  After I quit going to doctors getting those pills has been a considerable challenge.  I was about to renew my passport so’s I could step across into Mexico to buy them instead of ordering them from wossname, India.

But I’ve been taking Serrapeptase, that silkworm spit enzyme about a month now, and Nattosomethingorotherase about a week now.  Yesterday I noticed when I took my blood pressure for the first time in a longish while it was disgracefully low.  High 80s over mid 60s, pulse high 50s.

My bp hasn’t been that low since I was 40 and able to run several miles trying to rid myself of pent up frustrations over being a white male in a society where everything is run by females and minority ethnics and a regular white male doesn’t have a chance to make nothing of himself.

Anyway, I’m going to be checking my blood pressure regularly, and unless it goes up enough to convince me I need those pills India and Mexico pharmaceutical industries can starve if they’re depending on my business to keep them going.  I’m fairly patriotic that way.

Most doctors and other medicos are the fools of books and that guy who prescribed the stuff for me back in Nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-three probably never read the book saying silkworm spit is better.

Old Jules

Note:  10:10 am – 110/71 pulse 63.  Still no Prinivil blood pressure pill taken – Normally I’d have taken it at 05:00 am.  JP

Note @1600 – 4:00pm – BP 111/71, pulse 70.

10 responses to “Decided to kick

  1. It is quite low… you may fall..take care

    • Katherine: went as high as 118/72 Pulse 76 once yesterday. Falling’s inevitable the way live inside this older-model vehicle. Jack

      • My husband fell onto the War Memorial last year… too much medication for his diabetes..,,,falling is so hard on older people.Your top number, systolic is quite low…
        I read talking makes BP go up!!So keep mum… a bit hard as loneliness is bad too!!

        • Katherine: My cats would go on strike and be riddled with self-doubt if I didn’t talk to them. I’ll have to risk high blood pressure.
          I fell off the roof of the adobe shovelling snow from the flat roof a few years ago. Falling’s a tough gig but once it’s done a person can look back and think where he’d rather have fallen. Doesn’t do any good so far as I can tell. Every time I climb onto a roof these days I find myself thinking I might be blessed with another fall instead of getting to fall somewhere more to my liking. Gracias, Jack

  2. Your bp and pulse is about what mine is. Every time we go to the doctor, they ask us what we’re taking-nothing- then we get, “You’re not ON anything, we should get you a complete work up.” No thanks, until it hurts, I’ll take my chances.

    • elroyjones: Me, I’m high on John Denver singing Poems and Prayers and Promises. Never cared much for Rocky Mountain High. Hated that damned poem on the album, also. Jack

  3. Where do you get your silk worm spit anyway? Where do you buy it maybe we should be in the spit to, spittoo(n) get it.

    I take digoxin and generic Lipitor for my blood and heart situation, so who knows maybe we can get away without it without committing Hoot Gibson. (He is the brother of Harry Carey)

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