Didn’t we just do this recently? Halloween, 2013

Jeanne’s family has a long and honorable tradition of ostentation celebrating Halloween. It shows. Jack

Jeanne Kasten Studio

Happy Halloween to everyone!

I got pretty burned out on Halloween when I was raising my kids. Five costumes and five pumpkins and trick-or-treating will do that. We didn’t usually decorate the yard much, although I do remember using some flower bed dirt to make a grave mound one year.  But the dirt was already there because I was planting a whole new bed, it’s not like I dug it up for that purpose. Personally, I can take it or leave it. When I’m not at work that evening, I spend time over with my kids, who do things up right, starting several months in advance. Given my lack of enthusiasm,  I’m a bit mystified about how involved my now-grown kids are. My boys especially really go for the creepy stuff.

Only some of the props were up when I took these pictures yesterday. Imagine flaming torches alongside the sidewalk…

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One response to “Didn’t we just do this recently? Halloween, 2013

  1. Looks like a crazy yard full of creepies.

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