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Earlier Versions of MICA Software if you can use them

These are still available if anyone wants them.

So Far From Heaven

Over the years this compulsive project of mine chasing what isn’t happening and when it isn’t has led me into ownership of several versions I ceased using after upgrades were released.   Salt Cedar Latillas for Erosion Control

 Even the earliest versions are better than the next-best off-the-shelf software intended to do what it does.

So I’ve got three versions of the CDs and 120 page hardback handbooks lying around drawing dust.  They’d serve for most folks who aren’t being fanatic about the kinds of issues I’m fanatic about.

If any of you readers are into what’s going on in the sky in a way that might allow you to benefit from owning a not-quite-up-to-date version, these are available for the cost of postage getting them to you.

Feel free to email me at josephusminimus@hotmail.com if you’d savor a copy.

Old Jules

An easy-to-use astronomical almanac from the U.S. Naval Observatory

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Microfilm of Yankee Army Civil War correspondence

Packing up things I came across a box containing 30-some spools of microfilm I bought from the US Archives 20 years ago.  All the US military correspondence in the Department of New Mexico and Arizona, 1856 [I think] through 1866.  Includes California Volunteers after they crossed the Yuma River headed for the Rio Grande, also the Apache campaign and Navajo 1863-64 business.  And the late-1850s Bonneville campaign against the Apache with the occasional Navajo thrown in to spice it up.

I don’t think I’m going back to a place in my life where I’m staring at microfilm reader screens anymore.  If any of you have any interest in owning those spools, or know anyone who’d like to have them for the price of parcel post sending them, contact me at josephusminimus@hotmail.com.

Or if you have any ideas about some research library might like to own them under those conditions.  Or any other ideas how I can find someone who might get some use out of them.  Scads of interesting, intriguing, baffling stuff in there.

I’m not carrying them around with me anymore.

Old Jules

Love affair with demons

Hi readers.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with a guy I barely know last night.  He called me to talk about the chronic determination he has to kill this body he lives in.  Old guy, mutual friends with some friends of mine who are concerned about him, suggested we talk.

The guy lives in California, seems to occupy a situation so similar to my own it’s unsettling to me, hearing how unhappy he is with it, how much he thinks he hasn’t got that he wishes he had.  Me listening as he describes it, thinking, wow, that sounds cool.  Sheeze, I could stand some of THAT.

But I was lucky enough to have been where he is long enough ago so’s when he tells me about the abyss he’s looking into I know what he’s speaking of.  Even though it’s foreign country to me.

I know how I climbed out of it, probably even understand why I managed it.  And telling him doesn’t help him a bit so far as I can discern.  The only help I can be is listening to him, same as the friends who arranged for us to talk listen to him and can’t actually help.

I am what I’d call an expert on me being happy, damned good at the job.  But I do recall having a nest of demons living in my head, a self-sustaining fluctuating feed-on-itself hell that seemed to leave self-destruction as the only alternative that made sense.

Listening to the echo of that so long ago in my past from an old guy who lives so nearly to the way I live today skates along the edge of bizarre.  And as nearly as I can tell there’s not one thing I can tell him that will provide a means for him to escape.

Because I came away with the feeling he’s in love with that nest of demons or gives them more room to talk with him listening than he gives anyone else who’s talking to him, cares about him.  And they’re telling him the only escape is killing the body he lives in.

After we finished talking I was lying there scratching a cat behind the ears awed how he and I managed to get to opposite ends of the spectrum, how the Universe can manage having room for both of us.

Old Jules

More for you Bedini-guys

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

It’s almost a shame we humans tend to be such liars, hoaxes and flimflam artists on the one hand, and gullible fools on the other.  Almost a shame, because if we weren’t life would be a lot less entertaining.

And, of course there’s the wild cards in the deck to spice things up.  The wild-assed claims that come along that spang turn out to be legitimate and [at least] seeds opening whole new doors.  

The temptation is to just kneejerk a protective wall, discount it out of hand so’s to be elevated into the position of not being a gullible fool.  And usually we can come out the other end patting ourselves on the back with what savvy SOBs we are.

I’ve been following the Bedini Monopole generator groups for several years on those Yahoo groups, watching hundreds of people going to a lot of trouble to build and test and post their projects sharing their testing and methods with others working on the same goal.  Been following it enough years so I can’t remember when I began doing it.  Hundreds of people spending their not-watching-tv time building mechanisms, machines intended to generate more energy than it required to run them. 

And posting it, sharing it.  On John Bedini group sites.  I’m betting if Bedini’s actually come up with something that works he got a lot of help seeing what all those others were building, testing, changing, testing, throwing aside or changing again.

I hope he’s got it.  Because at the back of it all I always had a faint suspicion John Bedini’s a flimflam man who might just be onto something anyway.

Old Jules

Energy Times Newsletter

From: energytimes@aweber.com on behalf of Energy Times Newsletter (info@save-on-home-energy.com)
Sent: Fri 10/18/13 3:42 AM
To:  Jack Purcell

Hello Jack,
If you’ve been following John Bedini’s work, you may be familiar with the 14 foot high energizer he was demonstrating at a conference a couple years ago. That machine had a COP of 3.0, which means there was 3 times as much work done compared to what left the input battery.
In front of hundreds of people, this ran all weekend and the front batteries never went down. The output of the machine charge up capacitors with a very tricky circuit that has come to be known as his inverted comparator capacitor discharge circuit.
Many people have wanted access to this circuit so they can use it on their own Bedini SG’s – that moment is finally here!
Get all the details here: http://www.teslachargers.com/bedinisg.html#cap
John is doing a production run on these right now so get yours while you can because we can’t guarantee when the next production run will be. This is probably the most highly anticipated circuit/device in the Free Energy world that people can actually get their hands on besides the Bedini SG.
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