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Furshlugginer trailer lights

power supply

Sheeze.  These old original equipment lights on this trailer Gale abandoned forever ago appear to have had the problem of a short in the license tag light.  But the harnass was cut off up front I’d guess because it was blowing his fuses in the vehicle, and he’s been using add-on magnetic held lights.


So what I’ve got is four wires up at the tongue, a brown, white, green and yellow.  The white’s ground as nearly as I can tell.  The green and brown are both somehow significant because combinations of them with one another and each of them with the yellow will do things.

left bottom trailer light

One combination lights all four tail-lights, one lights both bottom ones, one lights right-bottom, one lights left bottom.

Your average 21st Century man ought to be able to conclude something from all that besides the fact the lights get juice from the tongue to the rear and that all of the bulbs are good.  Ought to be able to say, ahh.  Now I know where to go from here.

But I’m damned if I’m that 21st Century man.

Old Jules

Superstitious flies

Hi readers.  When something doesn’t march lockstep to scientific theory it’s superstition.  So a lot of what honest-to-goodness scientists spend their time doing is finding out whether what they’re observing is superstitious or not.

Scientific investigation reveals most, but not all flies here are superstitious.

Scientific investigation reveals most, but not all flies here are superstitious.

I was having a plague of flies around the door to the RV because of the cat food in bowls inside the door.  The neighbor told me he’d had good luck running most of the flies off by putting water in baggies and hanging them around.

superstition 2

Approximately 2.749% of the flies at this location are scientific, allowing them to rest in the vicinity of the RV surface.

“Hmmmm.  Superstitious flies he’s got up there,” thinks I.  “Wonder if it’s the same breed trying to eat the cat food.”

Though a few scientific flies do come to rest around the door, sometimes on the baggies, they appear to be stupider than superstitious flies.  They're one hell of a lot easier to swat.

Though a few scientific flies do come to rest around the door, sometimes on the baggies, they appear to be stupider than superstitious flies. They’re one hell of a lot easier to swat.

So naturally I gave it a try.  Swarms of hundreds of flies are darting around ten feet from the door but not approaching.  These are obviously the superstitious flies.

Naturally being a scientific sort of guy I don’t pay much heed to superstitious flies.  But the scientific ones piss me off enough to swat them because the theories they guide their lives by aren’t the same ones I’ve memorized to say to people.

Old Jules

“It’s just you and me here. Do we want to go to war?”

Hi readers.

An email acquaintance who has a mining claim on Federal land in New Mexico sent out an anecdote to his email friends about an incident this weekend.

He headed out to his claim, bypassed a barricade, and began doing what he always does there.  He was spang in the midst of doing it when he looked up and a guy in a USFS law enforcement uniform wearing mirror sunglasses was scowling down with his hands on his hips.  “Come out of there.  You are going to jail.”

He scrambled up onto the bank and stood face-to-face with the sneering mirror sunglasses.  “This is a filed mining claim.  My fees are all paid, everything’s legal here.  I have a right to be here.  What law do you think I’m breaking?”

Mirror sunglasses ran his fingers over his holster.  “This is Federal land.  You are trespassing.  You’re either leaving or going to jail. “

“I’m armed too.  Get your hand away from that holster and don’t even think about pointing a pistol at me unless you want to shoot me.  I’m not doing anything illegal.  You are.  Get the hell out of here, or try handcuffing me and we’ll see what happens.  It’s just you and me here.  Do we want to go to war?”

Mirror sunglasses stepped back and assumed a gunfighter stance, the ghost of Billy the Kid in a USFS uniform.  Then he must have considered what he was doing and come to his senses.  “I can have backup out here in half-an-hour.  If you’re still here you’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

He backed to his vehicle, glared again, and drove away.

The miner did some thinking on his own part and decided the price of a shootout with the Forces of Darkness wasn’t the lesser of evils in this situation.  Loaded his gear and headed back to civilization, figuring he’d meet the US Cavalry on the road.

But he didn’t encounter anyone.  He says he hasn’t decided whether to try it again next weekend.

Claude Dallas is evidently alive and well in the boondocks.

Old Jules

Serrapeptase Update

Ed’s one of several friends and acquaintances who’ve begun using this stuff and think it’s doing them some good. Just saying. Jack

Defeating the Forces of Darkness with a screw-driver

Hi readers. 

These fall pre-dawns are probably what the Universe intended as an injection of involuntary joy into the lives of our ancestors.  Knowing they’d come through the hard times of summer and that hard times of winter were on the way, likely the Universe figured a pre-dawn sky would perk them up and remind them life is bigger than second-best. 

Made progress on the trailer yesterday, and as soon as the cats and I get Old Sol prayed up I’ll be out there, hopefully finishing off the job today.  The neighbor up the hill had screwdriver heads with stars, which is speeding things up. 

Gives me the shudders to think how hacked off it probably makes the forces of Darkness to have someone actually using the proper tool to apply.   The guy who thought of using arcane fasteners requiring special tools to hold things together is probably getting extra pokes with pitchforks down there where things are hot.  Likely the same guy who designed the starter on the 1991 Toyota 4 Runner and placed a bolt so’s it couldn’t be approached without a cutting torch.

I’m guessing he was probably the same guy who worked for General Motors in the 1960s and designed a distributor on a 283 engine placed in such a way as to require  a previously unimagined wrench to adjust the timing. 

Sunrise is working into the east since I began writing this.  Looks as though we’ve got a red morning coming up on us, but the cats and I aren’t sailors, so I’m figuring Chevi 283 timing bolts and Toyota 4 Runners aside, I’m going to get that door the rest-of-the-way fixed this morning.  Then go on to bigger things and get the trailer lights working, though that might require rewiring the whole shebang from the tongue to the red lenses at the back.

Working on something fairly good in concept that’s been beat-to-hell by years and use has a refreshing side.  At least it does once a person gets past the engineers screaming their heads off down in hell because you bypassed planned obsolescence.

Old Jules