“It’s just you and me here. Do we want to go to war?”

Hi readers.

An email acquaintance who has a mining claim on Federal land in New Mexico sent out an anecdote to his email friends about an incident this weekend.

He headed out to his claim, bypassed a barricade, and began doing what he always does there.  He was spang in the midst of doing it when he looked up and a guy in a USFS law enforcement uniform wearing mirror sunglasses was scowling down with his hands on his hips.  “Come out of there.  You are going to jail.”

He scrambled up onto the bank and stood face-to-face with the sneering mirror sunglasses.  “This is a filed mining claim.  My fees are all paid, everything’s legal here.  I have a right to be here.  What law do you think I’m breaking?”

Mirror sunglasses ran his fingers over his holster.  “This is Federal land.  You are trespassing.  You’re either leaving or going to jail. “

“I’m armed too.  Get your hand away from that holster and don’t even think about pointing a pistol at me unless you want to shoot me.  I’m not doing anything illegal.  You are.  Get the hell out of here, or try handcuffing me and we’ll see what happens.  It’s just you and me here.  Do we want to go to war?”

Mirror sunglasses stepped back and assumed a gunfighter stance, the ghost of Billy the Kid in a USFS uniform.  Then he must have considered what he was doing and come to his senses.  “I can have backup out here in half-an-hour.  If you’re still here you’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

He backed to his vehicle, glared again, and drove away.

The miner did some thinking on his own part and decided the price of a shootout with the Forces of Darkness wasn’t the lesser of evils in this situation.  Loaded his gear and headed back to civilization, figuring he’d meet the US Cavalry on the road.

But he didn’t encounter anyone.  He says he hasn’t decided whether to try it again next weekend.

Claude Dallas is evidently alive and well in the boondocks.

Old Jules

17 responses to ““It’s just you and me here. Do we want to go to war?”

  1. Chalk one up for the miner, maybe chalk two up.

    • elroyjones: I used to wear a ball cap with the words, I [heart] Claude Dallas back when USFS et all still remembered who he was. Never won me any friends in law enforcement, so I finally gave it up. Gracias, Jack

  2. Glad he stood his ground. Too bad more of us do not do that. And I don’t mean prospecting.

  3. Have you noticed that with the hundreds of e-mails you get each day or two, besides “soFar~~~” the most valuable have to do with “Burning Fat.” The rest are to a great extent garbage, especially NewsMax and other purported (sp?) news sources even NYT, etc. Why couldn’t we all be politicians and get paid for doing nothing, golfing, shooting hoops, screwing up foreign affairs, and giving away other people’s money to slackers, layabouts and Congressmen. I can almost hear my wallet crying and any financial accounts are lining up at the funeral home or about to be stollen by the Commies in (202) DC, NSA in MD, or other of the remaining flower children. Hey! Let’s go protest something! Form a coalition. Apply for tax free status. Get Obama-Bucks from the Prez. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Isn’t that a line from a Beatles song?

    I think I’ll go play with the cats and kittens. S-I-G-H ~~~~~~~~

    Oh, haven’t heard or seen the remote watching the reactor lately. Maybe it is shut down with the rest of the Gubm’t . The question is”How do we keep them shut down and out of our hair,” thinning though it may be or in need of a trim or cutting if they would leave us enough money to go to the barber: about $35 for me and my wife. Yikes!

    Sayonara oh Sahibs,
    Charles of the Wood

    • Chuck: You can pick up sheep shears at a thrift shop for around five bucks. At your age nobody’s going to notice the difference between that and a $35 haircut. I’ve got ’em and use them at least once a year, though only to trim my frayed ends.

      You forgot the billion a day wars. Pie charts are out there allowing you to see how much is going overseas in the form of ‘defense spending’ compared to all the others you named. Besides, I’m one of those surviving flower children. Allow yourself to imagine how empty your life would be if I exited the vehicle and quit being a useless eater. Jack

      • Remember Dien bien phu? We always get in the way of falling Dominoes.
        S I G H. !

        • Hi Chuck. I do remember it somewhat, but I remember the last days of Saigon better. Good seeing you amigo. Jack

          • It had belonged to the French and we stepped in through Eisenhower as I recall. What if we hadn’t gotten involved at all? Maybe Kennedy wouldn’t ‘t have been killed. And what else? We should have listened to G. Washington on foreign entanglements. Too much $$$ floating around??

          • Hi Chuck: I recall the US involvement was limited until the Gulf of Tonkin illusion. But LBJ’s telephone recording blames the [US] Vietnam debacle on him and Kennedy sending in ‘thugs’ and assassinating Diem. He said after that everything went haywire. I think it was a conversation with Hubert Humphrey. Jack

          • Still don’t like “most” cops (that is hedging my bet). Sounds like “Kristallnacht”How can they get away with this stuff? Who is giving them the orders and why? This happened to a neighbor as well: “after a lengthy set up they were told they had 24hours to get out of Dodge and tear down was about 24 hours. Feds probably got the gold. Commies or worse!

            Below is an answer to a comment to me you made.don’t know how to sequence these right

            In those days of fearing communism, anything was justified. We might have been able to be friends with Castro and Che if we had a different mindset. What a bunch of capitalistic, greedy’, and fearful maroons. But it was a different reality. When Eisenhower went to Paris and Khrushchev banged his shoe the Ruskies only had 10 workable nukes. I have that on unimpeachable authority, I think. General population didn’t know that.

          • Good morning Chuck. We’re Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Gulliver’s Travels all wrapped into a single Classics Illustrated comic book. Anything can happen and probably will. Nice seeing you. Hang in there rich man. Jack

          • Rich, maybe not too, but blessed



          • Chuck: You’re rich in cats. Jack

          • Chuck Cunningham

            Love to send you the pix! Can you receive them at Orioneer?
            I have one named Jack (Blackjack) but call it Jack. Nifty cat.
            Have a few outdoor cats too, but only two sure and a new one coming around lately. Also, Coons and Possums.

          • Chuck: Thanks anyway, but I’m still on a slow connection. Maybe sometime after I get somewhere WIFI can be used. Gracias, Jack

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