Serrapeptase Update

Ed’s one of several friends and acquaintances who’ve begun using this stuff and think it’s doing them some good. Just saying. Jack

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As of 26 June 2015, I’ve been taking it again for several months with no ill effects. The business with my heart mentioned below in my first update was another issue entirely. The primary reason for taking serrapeptase without the enteric coating is it boosts the metabolism and, barring no other problems, helps you burn off fat. Original post below…


I’ve been taking serrapeptase (more properly: serratiopeptidase) for about three weeks now.

I prefer to use a local vendor, but ours almost didn’t remember they had it. Apparently it’s not on the list of current fads, because virtually no one asks for it much. But they had three different versions and we chose something from Now Foods. Digging through the various advocates of this stuff, I decided to try taking it on an empty stomach, some minutes before eating breakfast.

Initially, it hit me hard, rather…

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4 responses to “Serrapeptase Update

  1. I am on Levaquin and had a CT scan for an unknown scalp pain or infection that may be growing and Levaquin not helping much yet. I look at Levaquin as a sort of “Court of Last Resort.” . Results from Dr expected today or tomorrow. Seems like spreading infection, but can’t really see anything with all the hair. Taking 3 or maybe 4 ibuprofen at a crack 3 or more times a day. Think the Serrapeptase could go after something like this (even if unknown yet) ? I was about to write and ask you about home remedies and here you are already at it. My Cassie’s (Essiac) elements are several years old. How long good?

    • Hi Chuck: Sorry to hear you’re having that problem. Tried massive doses of colloidal silver? That stuff’s amazing…. I’m dosing me and the cats on it going on five, six years now … but I can’t tell you whether the serra whatchallit might or mightn’t help. No harm trying, most likely.

      As for Cassie’s, I knew a terminal cancer patient who was given some 10 year old herb to mix and treat himself. The ugly went into remission and he’s still alive. Probably wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and use it up though. Hell, I doubt anyone knows the limitations, and it might be an individual thing. Gale gave me some [at least] five year old packages recently, been stored in a fridge or freezer. I’m figuring to boil it up and use it. Hope your problem gets a good jury in the Court of the Last Resort. Jack

  2. Any effect on advanced cancers?

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