Defeating the Forces of Darkness with a screw-driver

Hi readers. 

These fall pre-dawns are probably what the Universe intended as an injection of involuntary joy into the lives of our ancestors.  Knowing they’d come through the hard times of summer and that hard times of winter were on the way, likely the Universe figured a pre-dawn sky would perk them up and remind them life is bigger than second-best. 

Made progress on the trailer yesterday, and as soon as the cats and I get Old Sol prayed up I’ll be out there, hopefully finishing off the job today.  The neighbor up the hill had screwdriver heads with stars, which is speeding things up. 

Gives me the shudders to think how hacked off it probably makes the forces of Darkness to have someone actually using the proper tool to apply.   The guy who thought of using arcane fasteners requiring special tools to hold things together is probably getting extra pokes with pitchforks down there where things are hot.  Likely the same guy who designed the starter on the 1991 Toyota 4 Runner and placed a bolt so’s it couldn’t be approached without a cutting torch.

I’m guessing he was probably the same guy who worked for General Motors in the 1960s and designed a distributor on a 283 engine placed in such a way as to require  a previously unimagined wrench to adjust the timing. 

Sunrise is working into the east since I began writing this.  Looks as though we’ve got a red morning coming up on us, but the cats and I aren’t sailors, so I’m figuring Chevi 283 timing bolts and Toyota 4 Runners aside, I’m going to get that door the rest-of-the-way fixed this morning.  Then go on to bigger things and get the trailer lights working, though that might require rewiring the whole shebang from the tongue to the red lenses at the back.

Working on something fairly good in concept that’s been beat-to-hell by years and use has a refreshing side.  At least it does once a person gets past the engineers screaming their heads off down in hell because you bypassed planned obsolescence.

Old Jules

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