I wonder if we oldsters are different

Hi readers.

The representative democracy elected government useless eaters and the various space aliens running things know younger people are nothing but a bunch of sheep trapped in career paths, credit ratings and compulsive consumerism.  They know most of them have never stepped far outside the boundaries of control-created behavior and never will.  They know their heads are loaded with frenzied propaganda-induced rabidity of opinion safely within the fences.

But what those useless eaters in the White House, Congress, and all the societal traps of career paths have never been is old, been-there-done-that on most things, and trapped in promises made by useless eaters of the past.  Promises that if we handed over pieces of our incomes for half-century, they’d set it aside, nurture it, and feed it back to us when we got too old to make a living.  One month at a time, every month.

Come rain, shine, four horsemen of the whatchallit, apocalypse, Chinese invasion of toasters, utopian government sawbones free-for-alls, Drug Wars, supporting our Freedom Fighters against their Terrorists, whatever.

We oldsters have broken enough promises in our lives to recognize what a broken promise looks like.  And a lot more of us than anyone might imagine don’t have a lot to lose.  Whole different animal from those on the under-side of 65 circuits around Old Sol.

Some of us also have a mean-streak we’ve gone to a lot of trouble to subdue during our lives.  And some of us probably figure when it comes time to get off the pavement going through the fence is as good as going over it.

I say this because of the workings of my own, personal mind.  And that doesn’t assume the way my mind works necessarily rhymes with the workings of the minds of others in my situation.

For myself, I’ve got three cats I’ve got a contract to feed as long as I’m alive to do it.  It’s a contract I hold dear, as important to me as anything in my reality.  Those cats are going to eat one way or another, so long as anyone in the United States has a plate of food in front of him.  So long as I have the ability to make it happen, by any means whatsoever.

The promises made back when I was feeding the US government pieces of my income and trusting them to set them aside were written into law, and those laws haven’t changed.  But when the US government jumps the tracks and becomes a legion of lawbreakers and the laws they break influence whether my cats eat, all bets are off. 

The government can prove by prima faci evidence they didn’t mean it when they made their laws.  But they can’t do it surgically, selectively.  If the laws don’t apply to them, they don’t apply to anyone.  Not just the laws they picked to break, but all the laws on the books.

But hell, that’s just one old guy saying it.  What the hell do I know?

Old Jules

16 responses to “I wonder if we oldsters are different

  1. Sometimes I have to take a long hiatus from the news and news sites on the web. I know I’m due whenever I start to suffer anxiety attacks. The complete insanity of the present situations has me breathless. I have an aging father to take care of, so I’m in payback mode now. We get along better than when we were both much younger. I’m an old fogey now, too, so I guess that’s why I appreciate him more, these days.

  2. Your assessment is completely accurate. However, as a member of the younger generation, I must say it sucks to be a foregone conclusion.

  3. I’m with you Jules! My next blog will be a simple statement: “I will NOT Re-Elect…” anyone who has not proven TO ME that they want our old America BACK! What do you suppose would happen if every voting citizen would take this stand?

    Keep up the good work! Thanx, bgbg

    • Hi bgbgbg and thanks for the visit. Seems to me the only answer would be a grassroots third party, which ain’t going to happen. A Washington DC US government might not be capable of yanking itself up into an altitude where what’s going on is visible. Maybe moving the seat of government to Nebraska or Rapid City South Dakota and forbidding anyone who’s ever lived within 100 miles of DC ever visiting there would be worth a try. Gracias, Jack

  4. Reblogged this on BG's Opinions and commented:
    I would like every US Citizen to have a chance to read this and make up their own mind about whether they will re-elect the people in power or will use their vote to cast out the current bunch of elected “eaters”!

    • bgbgbgbg: Good luck on that. My own approach is to keep on not voting for anyone I can’t in good conscience visualize being glad I voted for. Which is to say I’ll just keep on not voting. Gracias, J

  5. It is infuriating. They’re all a pack of shiftless liars. I’d like them all to have to decide which bill to put off so they could keep the kids/cats/grandparents warm and fed. People here, rational upstanding members of the community, who haven’t made as many mistakes as I have (or maybe had as much fun), are saying they’re ready to take the shotguns out and march on Washington. Congress is not holding Obamacare hostage, they’re holding us hostage and they’d better look out. If you’ve got nothing but debt, what have you got to lose?

  6. You are so right on. What pisses me off is that the people on furlough now will get all their back pay which means that they are effectively on vacation with pay right now. As much as I hate the workings of our reg agencies, which are now at half staff, they are screwing even more of business up than usual because we can’t get deals through them that have to be approved because of all the red tape. So, they hinder us normally and now they hinder us because they aren’t there. Horrible paradox. Cane

    • Hi Keith. About all I can reply is, what the hell, amigo. Serves us right for thinking representative democracy is about government, and that government, incidently, is about creating and being jobs, I reckons. Nice seeing you amigo. Jack

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