Traveling the Turquoise Trail

If I were 20-30 and the year was 1965-1975 I might figure out a way to spend a lot of time in that area doing things that no longer could be done by the ’90s. Jack

Jeanne Kasten Studio


I’m still thinking about November as a month to remember the dead, and that reminded me that I wanted to post about a place that has a really fascinating cemetery.  Jumping from a Kansas City, Missouri Day of the Dead exhibit to a Madrid (pronounced “MAD-rid”) New Mexico cemetery is but the work of a second for my brain, so zip along with me, and I’ll show you the best cemetery I’ve ever seen in my life.
No, wait.
The problem I face with blogging is that I have so many places I’d like to show you, and  they all seem to need a bit of background information. Putting all this information plus the cemetery in one post seems excessive,  so today I will give you a general overview of the town, and save the cemetery pictures for next time.
In a nutshell, Madrid  is an old coal mining town…

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