The Road Less Traveled: Madrid Cemetery

Keith Kelt and I discovered this cemetery together back in ’92 or so. We used to go out exploring around Santa Fe in the 4WDs evenings after work when there was still plenty of daylight. Madrid was fun, but the cemetery’s in a class all its own. Jack

Jeanne Kasten Studio

The elevation of the town of Madrid is 6,020 ft. but if you want to see the cemetery, you’ll end up going quite a bit higher than that. If you navigate off of Hwy. 14 on to the “back road” through Madrid, and don’t mind some really rough spots on a gravel road that climbs the steep hill, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of New Mexico sky and a cemetery you’ll never forget.

IMG_1487The south end has the miner’s graves and the north end has the cowboy/hippie graves. These first three photos are from the old section.

IMG_1520The cemetery is actually on private land, and in the video link you’ll get a glimpse of a huge white house in the background where the owner lives. But he’s not going to disturb this place or cause a problem for the people in Madrid who want to use it.

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