Migration – New tire obligation – Respiration – Palpitation and Coincidence Coordination

Sheeze.  Hi readers .  Sometimes I disgust myself, make no sense whatever.

Went out to the tire place this morning and ordered two each 10 ply 16.5 inch tires to arrive Wednesday and have mounted before I even know whether I’m going to kick the bucket before I can wear them out.    Jumped the gun something awful, but it feels okay, me betting the Universe I can drive on those tires long enough to justify having them before the Universe can draw a tight bead on me and squeeze off a round.

Meanwhile I’m figuring to hear from the VA around Wednesday setting me up for a sawbones to look me over, poke me here and there, tell me to stick out my tongue and say “Ahhh.”  Once that’s accomplished he’ll offer up a theory of what I’d least like to hear from a person in his position and watch my facial expressions to decide whether he needs to trump it.

Generally the whole situation’s seeming better than it did a week ago, though.  Haven’t been toking the oxygen machine nights, generally been getting all the hyperventilating under control, thinking whatever it was happened was just some damned trick of anomalyism trying to rob my macho.

And hells bells, I’ve got a couple of new tires coming down the pike I have to live long enough to wear out.  Hell of a deal.

Got me and address here in Andrews, too, right here on the west coast of Texas, so’s to be able to be a Texas resident dangeriously close to the boundary with New Mexico.

Psychomosomatic heart attacks and similarly life-threatening imaginary events can be a blessing.  Boots a man off his ass and gets him out there betting against the Universe, buying tires and sneering into the future with reckless aplomb.

Old Jules

18 responses to “Migration – New tire obligation – Respiration – Palpitation and Coincidence Coordination

  1. Hope you out live the tread!

  2. Ahhh, shucks. You’re tougher than you think. 🙂

  3. what’s this have to do with palpatiation? Doesn’t that have to do with cows? I don’t know. Haven’t done more than a few weeks of farm work yet.

    • Azure James: I don’t know nuthun about cows so the palpatatiation stuff will have to tend to its own affairs. A few weeks more farm work for you might answer the question. Jack

  4. YAY! I am very happy to read you are feeling better. I am betting on you and the tires.

  5. Hope all goes well with the doc, you’re sounding much better. Who knows, maybe you’ll need more new tyres after these ones!!!

  6. Hope there’s good news tomorrow. I found you a few years back and plan on many more of your insight on life. Maybe Old Jules needs a retread on life.

  7. those steel belts will be thumpin’ on the asphalt for a good while longer 😉

  8. Bought 2 used ones today… not due to life expectancy of me, but maybe the car. But guess either or both of us could go at any time – so figure buying 40% of a tire at a time isn’t a bad plan. Here’s to outliving your tires!

  9. May you ride on those new tires for many, many miles.

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